Bubble Hockey



  1. Each game will consist of 3 two minute periods & 1 minute of sudden death overtime.
  2. Matches are 2 wins out of 3.
  3. The red players are home.
  4. There are no time outs.
  5. The puck will be dropped at center to start the game.
  6. The period lights will sound after each period ends. The next period will automatically begin when previous period has ended.
  7. If a puck becomes stuck in the goal, the director will drop a new puck to keep play going.
  8. If the puck is stuck in the goal and doesn’t register as a goal, the goal will be added on at the end of the game.
  9. If the puck is out of reach for any of the figures to reach the director will pop the top off the machine and move the puck to the closest figure.


  • Each victory is worth 2 points, a tie 1 point, a sweep is worth 5 points.
  • There will be NO TIES during playoff games.
  • We will keep playing until the TIE is broken.
  • Final score will flash game winner.


  1. Round Robin Format followed by a Single Elimination Tournament
  2. Each game is 6 minutes in length (3 -2 minute periods)
  3. There is a 1 minute SUDDEN DEATH O.T. (if needed)
  4. Each win is worth 2 points
  5. In the Round Robin a tie is worth 1 point
  6. If there is a tie in the single elimination format we will play until there is a winner

NO TILTING/SLIDING OR PUSHING OF THE BUBBLE HOCKEY MACHINE DURING PLAY. 1ST time offense is a warning, 2nd time offense is an automatic disqualification.