1. The intramural bowling league consists of 10 teams.
  2. 7 teams will bowl at 7pm each week. 3 will bowl at 8:30pm.
    • You do not need to bowl at the same time as your opponent.
    • All scores will be calculated the next day. (w/ the exception of the playoffs)
  3. Each team will bowl 2 games a night. The games will be based on a point system:
    • 2 points per win (1point for a tie)
    • + 1 additional point if you win both
    • + 1 point for highest pin total
  4. Games will be decided by a handicap system:
    • Your average – 200 x .90 = your handicap
    • Your teams total handicap + your teams total score = Your final score
  5. All scores must be recorded and turned into the intramural director or acting supervisor after each game.
  6. If a team only has 3 bowlers their opponent gets to count their top 3 scores while dropping their lowest score.
  7. If a team has less than 3 they automatically forfeit. Opponents still bowl 2 games .
  8. If a team doesn’t have a female bowler they will have 15 pins deducted from their teams total score.

Pay attention to the lanes immediately to your left and right. If someone is ready to bowl on either lane, wait to bowl until they have completed their attempt.
Please respect the equipment and the building.
Please watch your language.