Bean Bags



  1. This tournament is 2 on 2.
  2. The tournament will be double elimination.
  3. Games are played to 21. A team can win by white wash 11-0.
  4. The bean bag boxes are placed 30 feet apart from center of hole to center of hole.
  5. Each team gets 4 bean bags to throw. One team member will throw all 4 bags first,
    and the opposing team may throw their bags next.
  6. Team partners face each other from opposite boards.
  7. Each player throws from behind the front of the boxes. This is the foul line. If a
    person passes the foul line the throw doesn’t count.
  8. Each team alternates shots beginning with the team that scored last.

A bag in the hole is 3 points.
A bag that lands and stays on the board is worth 1 point.
A bag that is tossed in play and knocks another bag off or in the hole is legal.
A bag that bounces off the ground and onto the board is NOT Legal. The bag must be removed from the board and play will continue.

EX: Team 1 has 7 points and Team 2 has 4 points. The lowest score is subtracted from the highest score. 7- 4 = 3 points for Team 1.