Air Hockey



  • Each game will be 6 minutes long or the 1st player to accumulate 7 points wins.
  • A coin toss will determine which side you want to defend.
  • The player scored upon receives possession of the puck for the next serve.
  • The puck may be struck with any part of the mallet.
  • You cannot place your mallet on top of the puck to serve the puck.
  • You can use your mallet to knock down an airborne puck.
  • You can only strike a puck on your side (Center line to Goal).
  • Any puck touching the centerline is fair game for both sides.
  • When the puck enters your side you have 7 seconds to execute a shot.
  • A player can stand anywhere on their side, don’t cross the center line.
  • If the puck touches any part of your body it is a foul.
  • Each player may take 1 time-out per game.
  • Players only call time-out when the puck is on his/her side or out of play.
  • The player scored upon has 10 seconds to remove the puck and execute a shot.