Cancellation of an Intramural

Is the weather bad outside. Not sure if we are still having intramurals. You can call the intramural office at 989-2050 or call the fitness center at 989-2175. Also the home page of the intramural web page will have any cancellations posted.
What is our policy for canceling an event? If campus is closed due to bad weather all intramural activities are canceled. If the campus is still open and there is bad weather participants are to err on the side of caution when it comes to driving in bad conditions.
What if the intramural activity is taking place off campus? If classes are canceled so will that activity. If classes are in session and the facility where the intramural is to be held is still open the intramural will still take place. Participants are encouraged to err on the side of caution.
How will the game or event be made up if canceled? If it is an open play there will be no make-up. A one night tournament will be made up at a later date in the semester. Participants will be notified of the new date. Any league game will be made-up at the end of the season (Time permitting)
If my league game was at 7pm and all games were canceled that night do I play the next week at 7pm? You will play the next week at whatever time that weeks game is scheduled. When we have the make-up week you will play at 7pm.
Please use your best judgment when it comes to driving in bad weather. Remember it’s just a game; it’s not worth risking your life over it!