Roby 600

On Saturday, April 12th the Purdue Calumet Intramural Program held the first annual Roby 600 Go-Kart Races in honor of Roby Speedway. Roby Speedway was a one mile dirt track located between 108th & 112th st. just west of Indianapolis Blvd. It operated from 1920 to 1936 with the last race being held on September, 20th. Many of the racers at Roby Speedway also raced in the Indy 500 with some of them even going on to win the big race.

Roby was a small community named after one of the land owners, Edward Roby. It was 600 acres (which is why we call it the Roby 600) located from the Illinois State line to where Indianapolis and Calumet Ave intersect. One of Roby’s claim to fame was having the smallest post office in the country. There were a small number of people who made Roby their home until they were demolished in the late 1950’s to make way for the construction of the toll road.

To preserve the Roby Speedway and Roby Community name each year the PUC Intramural Department will hold go-kart races at Zig-e’s Funland in St. John.

Coming down for the start of a race at Roby Speedway, Hammond, Indiana on May 18, 1924

go karts roby 2014

 Start of the Roby 600 race at Zig-E’s Funland, April 12th, 2014