Intramural Info Series

Have you ever wanted to learn the rules of a sport or recreational activity? Or just wanted to participate in a sport for fun? Than the Intramural Info Series is for you. Throughout the fall and spring semesters the intramural department will be offering various sports & recreational activities you can learn more about.

The Info Series Returns Spring ’16 with Rugby & Cricket

Here are some of the events that have been offered in the past:

Bocce Ball: This info session you will learn the rules to this Old Italian game as well  play some pick-up games.

Bridge Lessons 

Hiking: Take a hike through the Dunes while learning more about the trails. 

Sailing: (Boating Basics Course) this is a 3 week course that will teach you navigation rules, safety at sea and the legal requirements of boats.


Texas Hold ‘em Lessons: Learn the game, table position, when to fold & hold… 

Wallyball: What is Wallyball? Come out for this one night event that looks like volleyball but is played in the racquetball courts.  

For more information on the Intramural Info Series or to suggest a future activity call the Intramural Department at 989-2050 or send an e-mail to