Fall 2015 Intramural Volleyball Playoff Schedule

North South 1) Hollyhood 1) Team Rocket 2) That’s How we Leave’em 2) Let the volleys hit the floor 3) Will work for sets 3) 07 4) All about that ace 4) Volley N Chill 5) Casmiro Turaja 5) Blazers 6) Booksquad 6) PUC Spikers   Thursday, Nov. 12th 6:30pm                 #6S PUC Spikers vs. #3S […]

Fall 2015 Intramural Floor Hockey Schedule

*We have an odd number of teams so each week one team will get the bye If we can get another team we will replace the bye *Teams can play pick-up games after the 8pm game (8:45pm- 9:30pm)   Week #1 (Sept. 15th) 6:30pm                 Mighty Geese vs. Mighty Ducks 7:15pm                 Go Stand in the Trash […]

Fall 2015 Intramural Flag Football Schedule

N.F.F.C. Teams                                                            A.F.F.C. Teams Raw Dawgz                                                                 GWA Deep Threat                                                                5TH Year Seniors Tropic Thunder                                                           PUC Colts PUC Bears                                                                   You know why we’re here Premature Shooters                                                    The Silver & Black 4th “N” Inches                                                              Semi Pro’s     Week #1 (Sept. 21st)                                                                       7:30pm  Raw Dawgz vs. Deep Threat                                      8pm       Tropic Thunder vs. PUC Bears                                   8:30pm […]

History Of PUC Intramurals

  History Of PUC Intramurals In 1952 the University hired Bob Hayes part-time as a phys ed teacher and to start an intramural program. With no gymnasium on campus the program had no “home” for the first two years of existence. Intramural basketball was held outside The Center Building (Later named the Gyte Building in […]