Spring 2015 Intramural Soccer Playoff Schedule

A Teams                                          B Teams 1) Casimiro Turaya                      1) PUC United 2) Mangostita                               2) Things are getting Messi 3) Madrid                                      3) PUC Galaxy 4) Quito United                            4) #vote4Pedro   Monday, March 30th 6:30pm                 Quito United vs. Casimiro Turaya                       Game #1             North Court 7:15pm                 Madrid vs. Mangostita                                            Game #2             North Court 7:15pm                 PUC Galaxy vs. […]

Spring 2015 Intramural Basketball Playoff Schedule/Results Seeds

   A League                                   B League 1) 3 Peat                                     1) FHRITP 2) Paul Gasols Neck beard     2) Air Ballers 3) Team Bowan                        3) Seattle Ballersonics    4) Expansion                            4) LOS PUC Pacers 5) Swishers                               5) Purdue Bucketmakers 6) Tune Squad                         6) Toon Squad 7) Sharpshooters                     7) TMT 8) Don’t Worry About Us      8) Monstars                                                     9) […]

Spring 2015 Intramural Volleyball Playoffs

Thursday, April 30th (Finals) 7:30pm                 Blocka Flocka vs. That’s How We…                          South Court        Game #13 7:30pm                 Team Rocket vs. Tacos                                                   North Court        Game #14 8pm                       Game #13 Winner vs. Archangels                            South Court        Game #15 8pm                       Game #14 Winner vs. Hollyhood                             North Court        Game #16 8:45pm                 Game #15 Winner vs. Game #16 Winner (Championship) […]

History Of PUC Intramurals

  History Of PUC Intramurals In 1952 the University hired Bob Hayes part-time as a phys ed teacher and to start an intramural program. With no gymnasium on campus the program had no “home” for the first two years of existence. Intramural basketball was held outside The Center Building (Later named the Gyte Building in […]