I.F.H.L Cohen Cup

Cohen Cup

Photo of the Cohen Cup for Floor Hockey

The ultimate prize in PUC Intramurals is the floor hockey trophy, The Cohen Cup. The giant size trophy weighs 33lbs and is 44 inches tall and has space for 19 winning team plates. Just like in the NHL the winning team gets their name, team name and year won engraved on the trophy along with each player getting to keep the trophy for one week.

How the Cup Came to Be:

The Cohen cup named after Chancellor Emeritus Howard Cohen. One of Chancellor Cohen’s goals during his tenure was to create more student life on campus. The trophy was not originally named the Cohen, nor was it a floor hockey trophy. The trophy was a traveling trophy and was part of a Wellness Corporate Challenge in the 90’s. Purdue Calumet was the last winner as the wellness challenge was eliminated. With this oversized trophy taking up space the PUC Athletic Director Rob Jensen gave the trophy to current Intramural Director Matt Dudzik who converted the trophy into PUC’s answer to the Stanley Cup.

On September, 23rd 2003 the Intramural Floor Hockey League (IFHL) was formed with Sharpshooters taking on the Labatt Blues in the first regular season game. The quest to win the inaugural cup was won by the Expansion team. In the fall of 2021 the quest will begin to fill the last available spot on the trophy. Once the last spot is filled the trophy will be retired to the trophy  case and a new trophy will be born.