History Of PUC Intramurals


History Of PUC Intramurals

In 1952 the University hired Bob Hayes part-time as a phys ed teacher and to start an intramural program. With no gymnasium on campus the program had no “home” for the first two years of existence. Intramural basketball was held outside The Center Building (Later named the Gyte Building in 1973) at “Meier Hall” a little green shed with a basket and old beat-up backboard.  Meier hall was nicknamed after the person who recruited Mr. Hayes, Paul Meier the administrative assistant to Mr. Gyte. When the weather turned colder the intramural program moved indoors to the gymnasiums at Edison and Maywood schools in Hammond.

In 1954 Intramurals found its home on “campus” at the Armory building. The Armory was home to intramurals, athletics and P.E. Program. The first four intramural offerings were basketball, baseball, volleyball and ping pong. Bob Hayes was a one man program running athletics, intramurals and teaching while being a part-time employee until 1956 when he was hired full-time.

During the early to mid-60’s the heart of the athletic program was the Phys-ed and Intramural program. Though as the 60’s began to fade so did many of the intramural activities.

In 1971 Coach Gordon Rosenau reorganized the intramural program along with a committee made-up of 5 students. The committee’s responsibility was to find out student interests and attitudes towards the intramural program. Many new activities were added: slow pitch softball, touch football, badminton, tennis and floor hockey to name a few.

In 1980 The Physical Education and Recreation Building (PER) opened its doors. This became the new and current home for intramurals. The program was led by Jeff Lopez who added many activities during his short tenure as director.

The 90’s and early 2000’s saw an inconsistent program with some years better than others. As the 90’s ended and a new century began the intramural program was down to offering two sports a year (basketball and volleyball). In 2002 a new position was created to build back the program and get a foundation set in place before the future additions of campus housing. The driving force behind having a full-time person whose one and only job is to focus on intramurals was the then Athletic Director Rob Jensen. The position was titled Sports Coordinator and today as we celebrate over 60 years of intramurals the program has grown to over 40 activities throughout the fall/spring & summer. With the mission of the program to offer something for everyone from the traditional: Volleyball, basketball and flag football to the unique: Baking, “Intra Mural” and fishing.

Matt Dudzik

Director of Purdue Calumet Intramurals