H1-B Visa Information

Employment Limitations:

The H-1B visa status is limited to a maximum period of six aggregate years. This may be extended I one year increments beyond the six years for certain individuals in the permanent residence process at Purdue University Calumet.

The H-1B is job-site specific, meaning that each H-1B is specific to one particular job description, time frame, location, department and institution. If there are changes, a new or amended H-1B petition may need to be filed by ISS.

Processing Information:

Departments who have offered a position to a non-U.S. Citizen should consult with the ISS Liaison to determine the best course of action for gaining work authorization (whether it should be through Optional Practical Training or filing immediately for the H-1B visa or some other type visa). Departments wishing to employ internal faculty and researchers on an H-1B visa should allow a minimum of 5-6 months for processing an application. This may vary depending upon the current visa status of a prospective employee and processing times with the government agencies. For example, a J visa holder may need extra time for filing the H-1B petition if subject to the 2 year home residency rule.

It is recommended that departments apply for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years for the H-1B employee to save on time and expense. The department should have the salary funds to cover the full time period of the application.

Note: J Alternative Visa: Please note that a J-1 visa pay be more appropriate for the department’s needs if intended employment is less than five years. Processing a J-1 may be quicker and involve less paperwork. This is a decision that needs to be discussed with the International Students and Scholars Office, CLO 176.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the requirements and liabilities related to an H-1B petition before signing a request form. The H-1B process should begin only after an official job offer has been made. To have the questions or concerns about H-1B status, the financial commitment involved for the department, and the application procedure, the ISS Liaison (Marsha Gordon, 219-989-2559) in the ISS Office, CLO 176 should be contacted for clarification of responsibilities and processing of the application. Processing of a new H-1B approval may take as long as six months or more (without Premium Processing of approximately $1225.00. With Premium Processing, approval may be more than one month).

Once the non-immigrant H-1B beneficiary has been approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the filing procedures should be directed to the H-1B Liaison for Purdue University Calumet through the International Students and Scholars Director for processing:

Marsha Gordon, Director

International Students and Scholars, IPO Office

CLO 176, 219-989-2559, gordon@purduecal.edu