Tuition and Fees

Fee Schedule

Tuition and Health Insurance

Semester Program Length
Required Activity Fee  Health Insurance
Fall 2015 15 weeks; 21 hrs/week $6500 $600 $400*
Spring 2016 15 weeks; 21 hrs/week $6500 $600 $400*
Maymester 2016 4 weeks; 24 hrs/week $1625 $150 n/a
Summer 2016 8 weeks; 24 hrs/week $3962 $300 $200*

Tuition and fees include: tuition, mentoring, student services fees, fitness center membership, and use of all university resources, computer labs, etc.

The required activity fee includes a cultural package consisting of weekly trips, activities, and events.

*Health insurance is required for all students. Sponsored students must provide the International Affairs Office with proof of medical coverage to avoid incurring the health insurance fee. Any student that does not demonstrate proof of insurance will automatically be billed for health insurance.

Estimated Additional Expenses

Academic Year
Annual Year



  • Housing cost has two separate categories; 4-bedroom suites and 2-bedroom suites.  Housing cost excludes the 2-bedroom cost due to a limited number of 2-bedroom suites available
  • Food estimate is based on $20 per day (3 meals per day through Chartwells) per term
  • Incidentals includes housing deposit, housing application fee, school supplies, toiletries and and other personal items
  • Academic Year – Fall / Spring (30 weeks)
  • Annual Year – Fall / Spring / Summer (38 weeks)
  • Summer (8 weeks)
  • Maymester (4 weeks)

Refund Policy

Tuition and course fees will be refunded by the date of withdrawal from the course during the Fall and/or Spring semester: 100% Prior to the first week of classes

  • 80% First week of the semester
  • 60% Second week of the semester
  • 40% Third week of the semester
  • 20% Fourth week of the semester
  • 0% After the fourth week of the semester

Our policy during the Summer semester is as follows:

  • 100% Prior to the first week of classes
  • 80% First week of the semester
  • 40% Second week of the semester
  • 0% After the second week of the semester

No refund will be given for courses dropped after the fourth week of the Fall and/or Spring semester or after the second week of the Summer semester.  Students whose registration is canceled by the Dean of Students for disciplinary reasons will receive refunds based on this same schedule.

No refund for the Cultural Packages.

The registrar’s refund schedule