Mentoring Program

ELP students taking Listening / Speaking and Writing courses are provided with native-English speaking “peer” mentors to help them with activities in and out of class.  These mentors are typically undergraduate students studying different majors at Purdue University Calumet who have also been trained to interact with ELP students through an interdisciplinary and experiential learning course designed to help students learn to interact and exchange information across cultural, political and religious boundaries in an environment that fosters mutual respect and understanding.

Mentors spend up to 10 hours per week interacting with ELP students under the supervision of an ELP instructor, both in and out of class in organized, educational and cultural activities, all of which are intended to enhance the international students’ acquisition of English language skills and American culture.  ELP mentors are also available to provide one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance to ELP students during the week and during weekends.



Here is what some ELP students are saying about the Mentoring Program:

  • I think having a mentor in class is really useful because he can help us with academic problems and after class and help us solve daily problems. In another word, they are mentors during the class and they are our friends after class.  – Sai Lang
  • The mentoring program is a very good idea and having them this semester is the best idea the university had.  For example, for my writing class I have benefits of mentor to revise my essays and make them better grammar and organization. – Zahra Aljasim
  • It’s good because we have native speakers to talk to, and get to know American culture and the life of American university students. They can help us with our study and they can also hang out with us. – Weiwei Zhao
  • There is no doubt that we can get a lot of benefits of having a mentor. For example, with the help of mentors, we can solve many problems and overcome some troubles. Besides, we can know the American culture well and live on campus better. – Erkang Zhou
  • I think a mentor is helpful for international students because she helps us learn English skills out of class, and we can also, through mentors, know the culture of America. These two points are very important for international students enter into American life. – Quan Zhang
  • Professors just meet you in class and you cannot communicate with them like you communicate with friends. Mentors are students who are studying in the university, they have same age with us, and we can be friends.  We can talk about something interesting and joke on each other.  The most important thing is that they can help you with your studying. – Zi Wang