Program Policy

Program Types

Education abroad programs fall into one of five categories. More general information can be found on the “Program Definitions” page. The program types and their features are as follows:

PUC-Led Programs

  • Managed by Purdue University Calumet faculty/staff
  • Travel with other PUC students as a group
  • Frequently short-term programs taking place over school breaks or summer terms
  • When credit-bearing, no need to determine course equivalencies as classes are PUC courses
  • Often available as ExL opportunities
  • Program costs and payment structures vary by program
  • Many forms of financial aid and education abroad scholarships can be used towards the program costs

Exchange Programs

Programs involve an exchange of students – PUC students study at a partner school overseas, and students from the overseas institution study at PUC

  • Program may last a semester or academic year
  • Students pay PUC tuition/fees and the partner institution’s meal/board rates
  • Students will receive all of their normal financial aid and may be eligible for additional education abroad scholarships
  • Students are registered for the PUC courses equivalent to the classes taken abroad (receive full credit from PUC)

Affiliated Direct Enrollment Programs

3rd Party programs with an agreement with PUC

  • Students pay the cost of the program as determined by the program provider
  • Programs may be short-term (1-8 weeks) or long-term (full semester or academic year)
  • Many forms of financial aid and education abroad scholarships can still be applied towards the program costs
  • Students are registered for the PUC courses equivalent to the classes taken abroad (receive full credit from PUC)

Special Permission, Non-Affiliated Programs*

Programs at other US colleges/universities OR 3rd Party programs without an agreement with PUC. Students can participate in programs offered by US based, 3rd party providers (ex: API, IFSA, etc.) OR another US institution of higher education (ex: Ball State University, Georgia Tech, etc.) to ensure academic quality and safety. IAO will review all programs students are interested in before permission is granted. Once approval has been given, the following will apply.

  • Students receive IAO services related to studying abroad, including the course equivalency pre-approval for any courses taken abroad
  • Federal, State, and PUC financial aid may or may not be able to be used towards the cost of the program, depending on the individual program
  • Students may still be eligible for many national or program-specific study abroad scholarships
  • Students pay all costs directly to the program provider or institution which is sponsoring the program

*Many times international internships fall under this category as PUC may not have an agreement set up with every individual’s internship organization. As each internship is different, students must meet with the Education Abroad Coordinator in IAO to discuss his/her program and procedures.

Travel on Your Own

Programs which are not sponsored, affiliated, or able to be approved on an individual basis are not supported by Purdue University Calumet. Students participating in such a program will not be considered a PUC student for the term which may jeopardize academic degree advancement, student loan repayment periods, or other important aspects of being in student status.

  • Students are not covered by the University for liability purposes, including, but not limited to international insurance purchased through Purdue
  • Students will not receive pre-approval for course equivalencies for courses taken abroad, meaning course transfer is not guaranteed
  • Students apply, pay and work directly with the education abroad program. Upon return, any PUC fees (ex: translation of grades) are the responsibility of the student
  • Students are responsible for gaining course credit upon return, needing to liaise with academic advisers and the Office of the Registrar and supply course descriptions and syllabi for credit consideration
  • Students forfeit all Federal, State, and PUC institutional aid