London Calling

photo of London Eye and Big Ben

Program Dates*: June 25-July 10, 2015
Application Deadline: February 23, 2015
Application Part 2 – London Calling 2015 (PUC Student) (PDF)
Application Part 2 – London Calling 2015 (External Applicant) (PDF)
*These are the dates of travel; prior to travel, there will be 2 weeks of online class.

Program Snapshot

Experience the culture and history that England has to offer! London Calling is a 4-week course, with two of the weeks being an online class, and two weeks being the international component of traveling to Oxford and London at the end of June. This program offers credit to students in either English, History, or Political Science (see the “Academics” section below for more information).


The London Calling study abroad program has students experiencing TWO historic British locations. The group spends the majority of the program researching at the University of Oxford, at the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Students stay in Oxford, exploring the sites of the area with a few day-trips to London, where they participate in guided excursions to historic and cultural sites around the country’s capital.

While on the program, students participate in several guided tours and excursions as a part of the courses. Excursions may include visits to The British Museum, art museums, libraries, Westminster Abbey, and more.

Students may choose to spend some of their free time exploring the surrounding areas and regions. Buses and trains make travel to, from, and around the city extremely accessible.


Students take 3 credits in either English, History, or Political Science and all courses will have the availability of Experiential Learning credit, allowing students to fulfill one of the university’s ExL requirements. In addition to the course hours taking place in England, students will have two weeks of online instruction either before or after the travel portion of the course. To ensure that they take the appropriate courses, students should meet with their academic advisor and the Program Director (Professor Mita Choudhury). Students do not register for these courses on their own; instead, IAO works with the Office of the Registrar to register students after the education abroad application is complete.

Students must take one 3-credit hour course, choosing one of the options below. The course offerings are listed below.

English Credit Option:

  • ENGL 33500 “Restoration and 18th Century English Literature” – ExL designated course, 3 credit hours
    • Prerequisite of ENGL 10100, 10400, 10500, or 10800

History Credit Option:

  • HIST 39000 “Topics in History” – 3 credit hours
    • Prerequisite of HIST 10400, 11000, 15100, or 15200
  • IDIS TBD – ExL designated course, 0 credit hours (no additional charge)

Political Science Credit Option:

  • POL 39000 “Topics in Political Science” – 3 credit hours
    • Prerequisite of POL 10000 or 13000 and sophomore status at time of program
  • IDIS TBD – ExL designated course, 0 credit hours (no additional charge)

Program Costs

Program participants are responsible for paying the program cost by the schedule shown below. Many students can use some of the same Financial Aid that they get during the normal Academic Year. IAO strongly recommends that students talk to the Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts to find out more about their individual budgets.

Tentative Program Cost: $2800


  • Tuition and fees for 3 credits
  • Accommodations
  • Excursions as part of the courses
  • International health insurance

Additional costs students should budget for include:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Passport costs
  • Personal spending money (shopping, meals not included in program, personal trips/excursions, etc.)
  • Unexpected incidents

Tentative Payment Dates:

  • $400 deposit – February 23, 2015, or with application
    • Students are expected to pay a $400 deposit to the program at time of application. Without this deposit, you will not be admitted to the program. Once you are admitted, that payment goes towards the total program cost.
  • $1000 – March 23, 2015
  • $1400 – April 20, 2015

**Students may make payments in smaller increments or at earlier dates as long as the amounts and deadlines above are being met.

For an estimated analysis of anticipated costs and information on withdrawal policies, please refer to the program’s Financial Worksheet. (Financial Worksheet – London Calling 2015 (PDF))

For more information on payments and information on the withdraw/refund policy, download the program’s Payment Agreement. (Payment Agreement and Refund Policy – London Calling 2015 (PDF))

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you receive scholarships, grants, or loans as a Purdue University Calumet student, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts in the Enrollment Services Center, Lawshe 130 to see how much of your current aid package you’ll be able to utilize towards this education abroad program. Participants on this program may be eligible to apply for these national and institutional scholarships (not an exhaustive list):

  • IAO Education Abroad Scholarship

For more details concerning these and other scholarships, please see our Financial Aid & Scholarships page (

Other Information