Financial Aid / Scholarships

Purdue Calumet students can frequently use their federal and state financial aid to fund their experience abroad. We encourage all of our students to set up an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss their financial needs. There are also several other sources to fund an experience abroad. The key is to plan ahead and research all of the different scholarships available. For more information, please see the sections below on Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Fundraising.

Financial Aid

Students can frequently use their federal and state aid to fund their education abroad experiences. The same is true for other scholarships, loans, or grants students may already be using to help pay for school. The education abroad staff encourage all students to set up an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts to discuss their financial needs. Students can discuss program cost, aid disbursement dates, and additional financial aid resources. It is important for students to start looking at programs and discussing the finances early on so there is time to prepare and meet any financial aid deadlines. In order to have a fully-informed meeting with the Financial Aid staff, a sample budget for a chosen program can either be requested from the International Affairs Office or found on a program’s website. (Available programs and their websites found at


Students may apply for additional scholarships specifically geared towards education abroad participation. Such scholarships help cover some of the cost of the program, beyond just tuition.

Institutional Scholarships: Institutional scholarships are run by departments or offices at Purdue University Calumet and are awarded only to PUC students. These scholarships are applied to students’ accounts and frequently may be applied directly towards the education abroad program cost.

National Scholarships: These scholarships are run by outside organizations or governments and are awarded to students from many different colleges/universities. Students should read about the parameters of these scholarships closely to see how and when funds are disbursed. Some scholarships may send a check directly to the student or may not release funds until the successful completion of a program. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all payments towards the education abroad program are made in a timely fashion, even when external scholarship funding is pending.

Program-specific Scholarships: Some scholarships may only be available to students participating in a particular program. The best place to find that information is on the program’s website under areas which cover costs, payments, and funding.


Personal fundraising is always an option for students looking to fund their overseas experience. In addition to asking family/friends for help, students may choose to use one of the many websites devoted to aiding in the collection of donations towards expenses. When choosing to use an online fundraising site, pay close attention to any conditions/terms and fees associated with the service. These sites are considered reputable, but are not run by Purdue University Calumet, and therefore not guaranteed by PUC or its employees.