About Education Abroad

What is “Education Abroad?”

Education Abroad refers to all education that occurs outside your home country. At Purdue University Calumet, education abroad programs not only encompass traditional study abroad options, but also include international internships and volunteer or service learning abroad programs.

The education abroad staff in the International Affairs Office are here to assist with all aspects of learning abroad. We help students with choosing and applying for a program, including ensuring the smooth transfer of academic credits and financial aid. Staff are also on hand to help students apply for national scholarships and prepare students for their time abroad. IAO is available as a resource for students before, during, and after their time abroad. Upon returning to the US, the office also provides students with resources on how to keep the international experience alive AND how to best leverage their time abroad in the job search.

Of course, education abroad staff are also here to assist Purdue Calumet faculty and staff. We are available for class presentations and have many resources for those interested in leading programs abroad. IAO also aims to collaborate with those working closely with students in order to make the entire experience of going abroad a successful one for our students.

Education Abroad, within IAO, has a goal of assisting anyone interested in any aspect of participating in learning outside of the US.

Contact Information:

International Affairs Office – Education Abroad
Classroom Office Building 176
p: 219.989.2861 f: 219.989.8302
e-mail: studyabroad@purduecal.edu
skype: StudyAbroad-PUC