International Photo Exhibit

The International Photo Exhibit allowed international students and students who have studied abroad to share their view of the world. A wonderful range of image submissions and interpretations of the “international” theme were submitted to the International Programs Office (IPO). The photos were reviewed by IPO staff members as well as  by photography instructor Thomas Roach. The best photos where selected based on technique, quality, and theme. The opening night of the first annual Photo Exhibit was a blast. On Tuesday, November 13th, an estimated 40 students and faculty who love photography attended this successful event organized by the International Programs Office.



“Best in Show”

Woman standing in the sun against a wall in Croatia, eyes closed

Title: Warm Sunshine

Location: Split, Croatia.

Photo by Levente Ilyes


“Photo with the Most Votes”

A hand outstretched with bird seed and 7 birds, some in mid flight are eating from the hand outside Notre Dame in France

Title: Hungry Birds

Location: Notre-Dame, Paris, France

Photo by Ildiko Balogh


“Participants with the Most Votes”

Two people walking along the Indiana Dunes beach at sunset - the figures are in silouette

Title: Beach

Location: Indiana Dunes

Photo by Mohammed Alahmed


Smiling face of a young man in black and white - partial shadow, in Uzbekistan

Title: Amir

Location: Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Photo by Parvizsho Aminov


Other Submissions:

Special Thanks to the participants who have made contribution to the event.

Bike parked on a bike trail - Indiana

Title: Spectacular Bike Trail

Location: Erie Lackawanna Bike Trail, Indiana

Photo by  Phyu Phyu Aung Myint


Silhouette of a man and a fishing pole on a shore in Saudi Arabia, looking out to the water

Title: Fishermen

Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Photo by  Hassan Alkhudhair


Photo of the Bird's nest and the Linglong tower in Beijing, China

Title: The Bird’s Nest and the Linglong Tower

Location: Beijing, China

Photo by Jiamin Yan


A woman  flamenco Dancer dressed in red in Spain

Title: Flamenco

Location: Seville, Spain

Photo by Tiffany Deaton


Photo of the Chicago skyline in the background and a lagoon in the foreground

Title: Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Photo by Tongan Wang