Information for Chinese Speakers

The International Programs Office (IPO) has announced that after three years of dedicated service and assistance to Purdue University Calumet, Mr. Kan “Soker” Song’s contract as the Chinese Student and Parent Liaison has come to an end. 

 “Soker’s service to the university was very helpful over the past three years, and we thank him for his work with students, parents, and partners in China,” Dr. Judith Pennywell, Executive Director of IPO said. “While the university no longer requires his service at this time, we will look forward to working with him again in the future should the need arise.” 

Effective immediately, any prospective students, family, or partners who need assistance in Chinese are encouraged to send an email to An IPO staff member with Chinese language skills will translate.  Questions in English also can be submitted to the same email address.

Purdue Calumet values all of the relationships that it has developed in China, and will continue to develop international partnerships there for many years to come. “The university is and will continue to be very involved in China,” Dr. Pennywell said.

In an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible, IPO has provided the following list of contacts for any questions concerning International Admissions, Immigration, Airport Pickups, Housing, Partnerships, and the English Language Program:   

For questions about International Admissions, please email

For questions about Immigration, please email

For questions about Housing, please email

For questions about Airport Pickups, please email

For questions about the English Language Program, please email

For questions about International Partnerships and Agreements, please email


国际事务办公室宣布了在经过三年对普度大学热忱的服务与支持,Mr. Kan “Soker” Song圆满结束了其作为一名中国学生和父母交流使者的使命。

“在过去的三年中,Soker对我们大学做出了杰出的贡献,我们非常感谢他对中国学生,父母以及合作伙伴所做出的一切努力,”执行董事Dr. Judith Pennywell说。“虽然我们大学暂时不需要他的服务,但是我们期待有机会和他再次合作。”

所有需要用中文帮助的预科生,家人或者合作伙伴可发邮件到 国际事务办公室具有中文能力的工作人员会帮助翻译。英文问题也可以发到相同的邮箱。

普度大学非常珍惜和中国的发展关系,并且会一直保持和继续发展其国际之间的合作。“普渡大学现在和将来都会和中国保持很好的合作关系,”Dr. Judith Pennywell说。