International Fun at the Global Groove

Dancer at the Global Groove eventThe Get Your Global Groove On cultural fest was a big success in April at PUC, where domestic and international students came together to celebrate the diversity of our campus. On the evening of Thursday, April 7, the Student Activities Office and the International Programs Office sponsored the second annual edition of the event, which was held in Alumni Hall.

The Global Groove was also a popular event when it was first held last spring. However, the event saw several changes from the previous year. As was the case last year, a number of students introduced dances from their countries. However, this year, cultural booths were added, so students could learn and ask questions about different cultures, including Brazil, China, France, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. In addition, participants were able to enjoy foods from a variety of places, including China, Japan, India and the Middle East.

Visitors also received a Global Groove “passport” to be stamped at each of the booths after they had learned something about the country or region and which served as a souvenir of the different countries visited. Barbara Possas, an exchange student from Brazil, hosted a cultural booth and told us about her experience: “It was really interesting to see that very few people knew about Brazilian culture. I hope our presentation helped the students get to know more about the country and its people.” Another student, Ahamed Saadi Al-Jamea, from Saudi Arabia, told us how he had learned a lot about Mexican culture during the event, but wished that more nationalities could be represented in the future: “I want to see in the future all cultures present on this campus being represented in the event.”