English Language Programs Fieldtrips

English Language Program students attending a White Sox gameStudents attending the English Language Program at Purdue University Calumet have the opportunity to practice their English and to learn more about the various aspects of American Culture by participating in field trips facilitated by the International Programs Office.

Students recently learned more about the tradition of American baseball and had the opportunity to watch a professional baseball game played by the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians in Chicago, Illinois on October 1st. Before leaving the campus for the baseball game, some of the International Programs Office mentors and the English Language Program mentors explained the concept and rules of baseball by playing in a small game with the students.

Though the Chicago White Sox lost the baseball game, the loss did not stop students from enjoying the trip. Renato Vidigal, one of the International Programs Office Mentors summarized the trip with the following, “The trip was really amazing. The weather was great and U.S. Cellular Field, baseball field where the White Sox play out of, offers a great view of the city. We took many group pictures on the way to the game. During the game, students had plenty of time to mingle and to eat some traditional American snacks typically consumed during a baseball game like hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels. Mentors and volunteers helped students with questions about the rules of baseball and I believe in the end, most of the students acquired a better understanding of the game.”

Many pictures were taken during the trip and can be viewed on our Facebook page. Please stop by our Facebook page and clock on the ‘like’ button for further notification for new pictures and events taking place with the English Language Program!