Dr. Errihani attends Arab-Israeli Conflict Workshop

Mohammed Errihani has recently participated in a Workshop on the Arab-Israeli Conflict organized by Tel Aviv University in Israel. The workshop was an intensive two-week academic and travel program that focused on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as on contemporary issues related to the broader Middle East.

In addition to participating in academic sessions led by some of the most outstanding Israeli and Palestinian scholars, participants in the workshop had the opportunity to visit some sites of particular relevance to the conflict, such as Tel Aviv, Jaffa, East and West Jerusalem, Haifa, the borders with Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as one of the largest Israeli settlements in the West Bank. They also met with a representative sample of the Israeli and Palestinian population and had the chance to visit the Knesset and meet with members representing three different parties.

There were 19 participants (mostly professors of history and political science) who took part in this workshop on an invitation-only basis. Participants represented universities in Australia, Canada, Sweden, France, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, China, and the United States (Harvard, Florida State, Hunter College, Michigan State, Princeton, and University of Texas – Arlington).

This intensive workshop allowed the participants to come away with an in-depth understanding of different perspectives on the Arab-Israeli conflict, with insights into contemporary issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and with personal connections to Israeli and Palestinian counterparts as well as to their fellow-participants from around the world.