The 2009 Swan Awards

Swan AwardeesIn Spring 2009, an exciting new award was offered for Chinese students at PUC. The Swan Citizenship Award was provided through donated funds from a PUC parent. The Award is offered to Purdue Calumet Chinese undergraduate students who actively become engaged with the local community.

The award focuses on the achievements of PUC Chinese students in the areas of academics and community service. The Swan Citizenship Award selection was coordinated and awards were distributed during the Spring of 2009 by the International Programs Office. The selection committee consisted of the members below. Each member was given a set of copies of the applications along with an evaluation rubric to be used for evaluating the applicants in the areas of scholastic achievements, recommendations, cover letter, and community service.

The Swan Award Ceremony was held on April 30, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. in the Calumet Conference Center. Chancellor Howard Cohen and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Ralph Rogers presented the Award Certificates to the students.

There were a total of 22 applicants for the Swan Citizenship Award. Applicants included students from all levels within the university.

List of Winners

Qian Xu, first place winner, has obtained several awards including the Outstanding Student Award in 2009, the Presnak Scholarship in Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, Dean’s List and Semester Honors Awards, and the Young and Beyond Award for College Mentors for Kids. Qian has also been volunteering as a Chinese tutor for a local American family for over two year. Qian’s involvement in the PUC and local community make her a superior first place winner.

Kan Wu has made the Dean’s List and Semester Honor’s list at PUC and has also won the Outstanding Student Award as well as the Communication 114 Scholarship in 2008 and the Sydney Smith Talent Scholarship in 2009.

Yunzhu Zhang’s accomplishments range from performing Traditional Peking Opera throughout the year, to mentoring children. Her passion for Communication and Journalism, also her major, has prompted her to get involved throughout the campus. She currently writes for the school newspaper and has been awarded Semester Honors and Dean’s List Awards.

Zheng Gong has been at Purdue University Calumet since 2007 and has served as the Vice President for the Chinese Students Association, an active student organization on campus. Through the organization, Zheng has helped organize Chinese New Year and Moon Festivals and a prayer vigil for the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

Li Jin is an Electrical Engineering student at PUC and an avid photographer. Throughout the year he volunteers to photograph various events such as the Chinese New Year and Moon Festival Celebrations. For the past semester, Li has been volunteering as a teacher in the Northwest Indiana Chinese School. He works with children and teaches them the Chinese language. He has used his interest in photography and his own Chinese culture to become part of the local community.

Teng Ma has carried several student employee positions at PUC and is well integrated into the campus community. His accomplishments include participating in a community renovation in Texas and offering presentations about Chinese culture at local elementary schools.