ELP End of Semester Party ’09

ELP Students were able to forget all about homework and enjoy the remainder of the school week during the “End-of-Semester Party” celebrated last April 23 at the Pita Kabob restaurant in Schererville.

As the students arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted by members of the faculty and student mentors. After a quick meet-and-greet, everyone was treated to a buffet of Middle Eastern dishes, including such specialties as baba ghanoush, falafel, and Shawarma. The menu of food served was both delicious and educational. For many students, this was their very first encounter with Middle Eastern cuisine and culture.

After sampling a good helping of the different dishes, everyone was entertained by a short program hosted by ELP Teacher, Beth Lair, and IPO Mentor, Ivan Guerrero. The hosts first invited everyone to participate in karaoke games. Though most of the students were quite shy, a handful of them were won over and were persuaded to perform a couple of Chinese pop songs. Their performances were warmly received by all guests.

After the singing, Beth and Ivan then invited the students to join in on an Xbox dance-off competition. Student mentor Kenny Pettigrew took the lead and wowed everyone with his dance moves. Many students were impressed by the game and attempted to dance to hip-hop, electronic, and rock n’ roll music.

As the festivities slowly drew to a close, the hosts thanked the faculty and the students for the fun-filled semester. Everybody went home with high spirits and stuffed tummies.