Explanation of the Honor Code

I understand that academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at Purdue University Calumet.

Because academic dishonesty is a very serious matter, infractions will be handled by Purdue University Calumet.

I am here to learn.

A college education is not only about earning a degree. A degree signifies that a student has engaged in the process of learning. At the college level, learning includes the acquisition of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge. In addition, the process of learning is intended to develop in students the ability to think for themselves, as this ability is necessary for professional and personal growth and success.

Through learning, I will strive to become a better person and a more valuable contributor to society.

Learning, as described above, involves accepting individual responsibility for our actions. Becoming a better person means becoming ever more responsible as a decision maker both professionally and personally. Professionally, the enhancement of knowledge and the development of critical thinking skills will help students to become better employees and leaders. Personally, the process of learning leads to reliability in friendships and family relationships. The learning that occurs in college is also vitally important for society as a whole, which can function effectively only when it is comprised of good citizens and good professionals.

I understand that dishonesty in the classroom, through cheating, plagiarism or other dishonest acts, defeats this purpose and disgraces the mission and quality of a Purdue University Calumet education.

Because academic dishonesty is incompatible with learning, dishonest students do a disservice to their employers, since they will be less able to apply their knowledge successfully and less able to learn new skills in the workplace. Such individuals also do a disservice to their friends and families, because they will be less reliable in friendships and family relationships. In addition, such individuals do a disservice to society, since a well-functioning society depends on honesty, knowledge and understanding. Academic dishonesty undermines the support of employers, friends, family and society and disgraces the mission and purpose of Purdue University Calumet, which is to produce responsible graduates who will make valuable contributions to society.

Therefore, I make the following pledge: in accordance with the Honor Code, I will not engage in dishonesty in my academic activities, and I will not tolerate such dishonesty by other students.

In agreeing to this pledge, students make the explicit promise to engage in learning, not to undermine it. This pledge is a promise to refrain from committing dishonest acts, either by receiving, using or providing unauthorized information. Students also promise to report to an instructor, or appropriate authority, any dishonest activity they should witness. When students honor this pledge, they better themselves, better society, and promote an important goal of Purdue University Calumet.