Cheating is a form of dishonesty where a student attempts to deceive the instructor. Cheating deprives a student of obtaining true knowledge or skill.

Examples of Cheating include:

  • Copying from another student during a quiz, exam, homework, or assignment
  • Obtaining the questions to a quiz or exam from a student who has already taken the quiz or exam
  • Obtaining an unauthorized advance copy of an exam
  • Unauthorized use of materials, such as a crib sheet, during a closed-book quiz or exam
  • Collaboration on homework, assignments or take-home exams, unless specifically authorized by the instructor
  • Altering answers on a scored test and submitting it for reevaluation
  • Stealing or destroying information or assignments of other students
  • Unauthorized use of electronic devices: this includes storing information on a calculator or other device for use during a quiz or exam and unauthorized use of computer programs
  • Giving a false excuse for a delay in taking an exam or submitting homework or assignments
  • Claiming to have handed in a paper, exam, quiz, homework, or assignment when you did not