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Purdue Calumet: Northwest Indiana’s ‘Hometown University’

Chancellor Thomas Keon

Dear Friends,

I am extremely pleased and excited to greet you as the chancellor of Purdue University Calumet. Particularly impressive to me in my short time here has been the manner in which this—our—campus distinguishes itself beyond its Purdue affiliation and tradition.

In familiarizing myself with our experiential learning initiative, I have come to appreciate how the education Purdue Calumet provides is one that emphasizes learning by doing. That, in my opinion, is absolutely essential to a high quality, 21st century education.

Learning by doing

In this issue, you will have an opportunity to learn how our undergraduate students learn by doing by engaging in scholarly research activities. Many colleges and universities do not replicate the commitment Purdue Calumet has made to undergraduate research. Yet, I am convinced student research is a vital part of learning, which makes our university special to our region.

During my chancellor candidate process, the more I learned about Purdue Calumet, the more impressed I became with our northwest Indiana niche. The role we play and impact we have on so many aspects of our region have convinced me that while we are heaped in world-regarded Purdue tradition, we also have much to offer in fulfilling our significant responsibility to northwest Indiana.

Vital to northwest Indiana

During a presentation I made last spring to the Chancellor’s Search Committee, I articulated the term, “Hometown University,” in reference to the many positive and valuable qualities that make Purdue Calumet vital to northwest Indiana.

Certainly, that begins with the quality of education we provide and, in response, the success our students and graduates achieve. It is contingent on faculty/staff excellence and dedication. It also demands a university-wide commitment to being a “go to” player in advancing northwest Indiana.

PUC as a respected, valued leader.

That expressed, as the sixth campus leader in Purdue Calumet history, I see my new leadership role that of strategically working with you to enable Purdue Calumet to become northwest Indiana’s respected, valued leader in education, culture, athletics and economic vitality.

For real and dynamic reasons, Purdue Calumet is a university with much to offer—and especially to those who call this region home. Most of you already know that. The learning curve for me, however, has just begun, and I could not be more enthusiastic!


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