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From the Editor

Marketing technology is quite the experience

With this on line issue of INSIGHT, Purdue Calumet’s “Experiences for a Lifetime” campus marketing campaign turns the corner into Phase 2 with a focus on technology.

Regardless of their program of study, all Purdue Calumet students Experience Technology in rich, diverse and impactful ways.

Driving the bus of learning

We introduce the Experience Technology phase with a similarly-headlined feature story in this issue. The piece, written by freelancer Sue Ellen Ross, highlights some of the enlightening and provocative ways technology drives the bus of learning, so to speak, across curricula throughout Purdue Calumet’s academic schools.

As part of the story package you also can read about how our School of Nursing’s Simulation Lab is using technology to simulate health care scenarios that pose the type of complications and abnormalities our students may face some day as registered nurses.

Similar to our recent Experiential Learning campaign phase, our students Experience Technology through many opportunities for engagement in faculty and staff activities. Those collaborations open doors that advance outreach, economic development and an enriched society.

Lots of examples

In this issue, you’ll also read—if you already haven’t done so— about how prospective educators integrate technology into teaching, the success management students have achieved running a simulated business; managing electronic documentation in health care; multi-modal forms of communication; gaining greater understanding of the solar system through the eye of a $300,000 high-powered robotic telescope; wind turbine-developed energy; and a look-see into the world of virtual reality, data visualization and 3-D environments that has helped local industries solve very real problems.

Of course, these examples are just for starters. More and more surface every day. In response to a 21st century society filled with opportunities and challenges, how else can one prepare to respond effectively than to Experience Technology?

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