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Preparation + motivation produce successful graduatesChancellor Cohen

Dear Friends,

As we have reported on numerous occasions, Purdue Calumet is a university transitioning to another level of excellence.

Throughout our campus history, we have evolved and grown, not only in size and program array, but also identity—from an extension center to a commuter campus and, ultimately, a comprehensive, regional university.

For years, we have taken great pride in the growing number of students choosing Purdue Calumet as their preference for higher education. While we continue to increase in student number, our focus now goes well beyond access. We are intent on graduating more students. We share the perspective of our state and national leaders that baccalaureate and graduate degrees are essential to the needs and demands of our challenging 21st century society.

Reflecting on our responsibilities to our region, we have come to understand that the level of preparation and motivation students apply to their education goes a long way toward producing more graduates.

To that point, several years ago, Purdue Calumet committed to strategies that sought to attract more students who were better prepared and willing to embrace the rigors of a Purdue education on our campus. Those strategies have included increasing our undergraduate admission standards incrementally over time, investing more substantially in merit-based scholarships and awards, introducing an honors program and even expanding the number of intercollegiate athletic teams we field in an effort to appeal to talented student-athletes.

You can read more in this INSIGHT issue about our approaches to producing more Purdue graduates in the feature story headlined, Raising the Bar. A lot of hard work remains ahead of us, but we are confident we are on the right track of generating more men and women who are capable of making great contributions to our region, our nation and the world with their Purdue degree.



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