Friday, August 27th, 2010 - 9:53 am

2009 Honor Roll of Donors

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Purdue University Calumet expresses its sincere thanks to all who supported the university with gifts during 2009.

The report that follows recognizes those individuals and organizations making gift contributions to Purdue University Calumet from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.  The list acknowledges gifts both pledged and given outright during 2009.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this report.  However, if your name has been listed incorrectly or omitted, or if you believe our records are incorrect, please contact the Purdue Calumet Office of Advancement at 219/989-2323 so that corrections can be made and proper recognition provided.

Thank you all!  We are grateful for your support.

President’s Fellow

Contribution or pledge of $1 million or more.  All previous giving is applied, which may include a deferred gift or will provision.

John W. Anderson Foundation

Coleman Foundation Incorporated

Federal Signal Corporation

City of Hammond

Napolean Hill Foundation


Lily Endowment Incorporated

Marjorie A. and Kenneth+ Mills

UGS Corporation

Dean and Barbara White

Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow

Contribution or pledge of $500,000 or more.  All previous giving is applied, which may include a deferred gift or will provision.

Yetta Kuiper+

John J. Lucas


Donald S. and Margo Powers

William J. Riley+

Bruce W.  and Elizabeth E. White

Contributions from Individuals

$25,000 and above

John+ and Marian Maniotes

Bruce W. White and Elizabeth E. White

Dean V. White and Barbara White

Nick L. Wilson

$5,000 to $24,999

Margaret M. Christenson and Milford P. Christenson

Paul K. Graegin and Barbara A. Graegin

Bonnie N. Hough and Ronald Hough

Mark L. Hunter and Sharon K. Hunter

Saul Lerner

Mitchell J. Macenski

Dongmei Niu

Robert G. Presnak

Daniel J. Schlesinger

Frank Van Til and Gladys Van Til

Xian Zhao

$1,000 to $4,999

Floy Rowley Apple and Stephen F. Apple

James M. Augustyn and Ruthann Augustyn

Donald L. Babcock and Sue Babcock

Linda Baer and Doug Baer

Casimir C. Barczyk

Dale E. Bell and Cecelia M. Bell

Richard M. Blastic and Georgia Dee Blastic

Lizbeth A. Bryant

Rosalie J. Camillone and Robert J. Camillone

Laura E. Chamberlain and Joseph E. Chamberlain Jr.

Mohini Mehta Chopra and Ravinder N. Chopra

Howard S. Cohen and Patricia M. Cohen

Melinda K. Dalgarn

Martine Duchatelet

Daniel Dunn and Linda Dunn

Carl H. Elliott

Rebecca Diehl Flannery and Michael J. Flannery

John Friend and Betty L. Friend

Peggy S. Gerard and William E. Gerard

Norman R. Glass Jr.

John C. and Chara C. Haas

David H. Hays

Nancy T. Hechlinski and Robert Hechlinski

Brian Hicks

Lois W. Huntington and Roger N. Huntington

John N. Johnson and Kristine M. Johnson

Ken Johnston and Rose Anne Johnston

Deborah L. Kark

Richard L. Kristoff and Sharon Kristoff

Niaz Latif

Charles E. Long

John J. Lucas

Patrick Malayter

Libbie S. W. Pelter and Michael W. Pelter

Edward S. Pierson and Elaine M. Pierson

Kenneth S. Pogach and Pamela Pogach

Donald S. Powers and Margo Powers

Lee M. Rademacher and Lisa J. Goodnight

James J. Richards and Roselea A. Richards

Mary Elizabeth Rincon and Patrick John Rincon

Robert Rivers

William L. Robinson and Jean H. Robinson

Juan G. Salinas

Elizabeth E. Sengupta

Anne A. Severa and James D. Severa

Sharon Steinhubel

Jack W. Stine and Barbara Eversole Stine

Jane Cantwell Sullivan and Daryl Patrick Sullivan

Janet F. Watson

Joe P. Williamson and Donna J. Williamson

Deno K. Yiankes and Marlene Yiankes

$500 to $999

Arifin Angriawan

Nancy R. Barwig

Robert E. Boyle and Evelyn Boyle

Diane Case Camp and Mark D. Camp

Hugh G.+ and Ann Daubek

Lori S. Feldman

Jonathan M. Furdek and Linda A. Furdek

Patrick T.W. Gallivan and Juanita H. Gallivan

Daniel L. Hendricks

James B. Higley

Amy F. Klefeker and Maurice T. Klefeker

Ronald J. Kovach

Judith H. Krassner and Marshall Krassner

Bruce E. and Mary J. Leep

Jin Lu

Daniel W. Macauley and Lisa L. Condit

Linda J. McClaughry-Erwin and Donald A. Erwin

Carol A. Muha-Ronneau and Jack E. Ronneau

Thomas G. Neff

Gary H. Newsom and Jillinda Newsom

Natalie M. Painter and Michael V. Painter

Leslie M. Rittenmeyer

Dimitrios N. Saranteas

Harriet M. Shorb

Barbara A. Sofianos and George C. Sofianos

Jeffrey D. Strack

John V. Stutsman and Kathy A. Stutsman

Jane A. Walker and Michael J. Walker

Charles R. Winer

Jay L. Zandstra

Chenn Qian Zhou

$100 to $499

Charlotte Lorraine Abernethy

Susan Adam

Elizabeth G. Adams

Craig E. Adelsperger and Donna M. Adelsperger

Robert J. Allen

Robert C. Amstein

Lorraine Anderson

Dwight J. Ashby and Janet L. Ashby

Karen B. Bachman

Donald A. Bachmann

Janet E. Baker

William R. Ball

James W. Bandura

Dennis H. Barbour

John R. Bareham

Roman Joseph Barlog, Jr.

Tina Baum

David L. Bauman

Larry L. Beck

Robert Beconovich and Mildred Beconovich

Kathleen L. Berda and William L. Berda

Tess Bereolos

Ann R. May Berge

Leonard Bezat and Carole Bezat

Edward R. Bialon

Regina Dee Biddings-Muro

Mary A. Bishel

Cleopatra Bizoukas and George N. Bizoukas

Michelle E. Block

Charles H. Boender

Bruce A. Boettger

George F. Bones

Tamra J. Bottomlee

Judy L. Bretz

Eva D. Brickman

Raymond E. Bright

Leo A. Bryant

Joseph G. Brychell

Rose Bryja Edman

Jimmie C. Bugg and Sandra K. Bugg

Cindy Buksar-Hall

Robert D. Bunnell

John Leo Burkhart

Lydia C. Buyco and Edgar H. Buyco

Beverly J. Calligan

Vicki J. Canakaris

Julie A. Carlson and Richard Carlson

Thomas D. Carlson

James Carson

Cynthia L. Caudillo

Howard F. Cervone

Terri Szot Chance

Corya Kennedy Channing

Luc Charbonneau

Mark C. Chenoweth and Kathi L. Chenoweth

Daniel P. Christiana

Margaret E. Clark

Mary Ellen Cleveland

Audrey A. Combs

Chris M. Condo

Margaret Conley

John M. Connelly and Linda J. Connelly

Susan Elaine Conners and James S. Conners

Todd F. Corban

Karen M. Corey

Joseph B. Corns and Lorraine A. Corns

Herbert W. Craig

Raymond J. Cross, Jr. and Marguerite Cross

Paul Richard Crumrine and June Yvonne Crumrine

Kathleen A. Cusick and Noel P. Cusick

Joan Cutlip-Spivey

Edith Dakich and Milan Dakich

Jeanine E. Davies

Mary C. De La Rosa and Julio G. De La Rosa

Hon. Duane W. Dedelow Jr. and Lori J. Dedelow

Tom W. DeRolf

Erika Cohen Derr and Thomas Derr

Raymond A. DeVries

John L. Dietzen and Janis Ann Dietzen

Michael K. Dobberstein

Mary Jane Dopp and Stephen M. Geer

Joan E. Dorman

Mary Lyn Dost

Franceska Drozdz

Larry G. Drutis

N. Ruth Duncanson

Kathleen A. Dunn

Joanne Eldred

Anthony D. Elmendorf

Julie English

Raleigh K. Enslen and Judith C. Enslen

John P. Etter

Donna J. Excell-Steffel and Lawrence J. Steffel

Gideon Falk

Geralyn A. Farley

Terrie L. Farrenkopf

Richard E. Fath

Thomas Emerick Feeney

Nellie Feliciano

Mara S. Fiegle-Hicks and Terrence G. Hicks

Lisa A. Filipek and Robert A. Filipek

Judith L. Finlayson

Kasia B. Firlej and Igor Firlej

Carl R. Foreman and Marilyn Foreman

Roy O. Foreman Jr.

Sally M. Friend and James R. Friend

Eva Jane Fryer

M. G. Fulte and Dee Fulte

Edward  Furticella

Alex J. Gacsala

C. Lisa Gahimer

Susan D. Gajewski

Ray Garcia and Karen Maravilla

Maria Tirado Garcia

Michael S. Gasvoda and Lynn Gasvoda

Michael A. Gealt

Patricia K. Geno

Diana K. George

John D. Gerrard

Andrea Golarz-Ziemba

Richard J. Golec and Sandra Golec

Adrienne Gomez

L. Jean Godoy Gonino and Joseph J. Gonino

Richard L. Gonzales and Patricia Buck Gonzales

Edward Lee Gordon

Patrick M. Gorman and Carolyn A. Gorman

Patricia Grady

Donald J. Graham

Michelle L. Grant

Anthony M. Gregory and Jennifer Marie Gregory

Joseph O. Gross

Martin Louis Gruszka

Mildred H. Gurawitz

Judith L. Hack

Donna Hale-Scheuermann and Michael E. Scheuermann

Roy L. Hamilton

Suzanne Hanafi

Judy J. Hartz-Sweeko and Richard T. Swweko

Timothy J. Heady

Donna Held

Connie J. Helminski and Walter John Helminski

John A. Hendrix Jr.

Thomas F. Hendrix

Mark and Debbie Heptinstall

Edward Ho

Michele Hobbs and Randolph Berdel Hobbs

Bernard H. Holicky

Z. George Hong

Gary M. Hoornaert

Lisa Hopp

Nasser Houshangi

Warren D. Housinger

Brandon G. Hughes

Keith L. Hunter

Jennifer Kristin Hupke

Jeannie L. Ilievski

Joyce E. Irminger

Joyce A. Ivey

Leah Jacko

Susan M. Jackson

Judith M. Jackson

Molly B. Janovsky

Joan M. Jasen and Stephen F. Jasen

Paulette M. Jehle

Katharine K. Jennings and Eugene J. Jennings

Ge  Jin

Robert E. Johnson III

David C. Jones

Raymond A. Joyce Jr. and Janice R. Joyce

Michael John Kallok and Mary E. Kallok

Yahya R. Kamalipour

Carol S. Kaniewski

Andrew M. Katti

Judith L. Kaufman

Kenneth P. Kehe

Michele J. Keller

Sally Jo Kelly

Marsha M. King and Jack King

David J. Kish and Jeanne M. Kish

Laura L. Kocel and Daniel E. Kocel

Dennis P. Korchek and Nancy Korchek

Kelly L. Kors

Thomas R. Kovach

Pauline X. Kovich

Sara Kovich

Sandra L. Kowalski and Stanley John Kowalski

Thomas J. Kozlowski Sr. and Jean Kozlowski

Esther M. Kristoff and Steve E. Kristoff

Mark R. Lacien

Robert C. Lahey

Peter S. Lanman

Michelle LaPeer

Dean R. Larson and Gail L. Larson

Joseph A. Lasky and Beth Bassitt Lasky

Robert L. Lauer

Joo Hyoung Lee

Jonathan Allen Lee

Ronald J. Lesniewski and Amy H. Lesniewski

Dominic D. Lettiere

George Leus

Maria O. Longas

William C. Lordan

Kenneth M. Lowe

Brian V. Lowell

Deborah McVey Lucas and Blaz A. Lucas III

Mark  Mabrito

Michael J. Makarewich and Maria D. Makarewich

Edward M. Mamrila and Suzanne Mamrila

Brian L. Mangold and Jill R. Mangold

Doris A. Marks and Clarence H. Marks

Mimose Martelly

Maureen T. Marthaler

Mary F. Martinez

Carol E. Mason

Thomas J. Mavronicles

Michael P. Mayer

Delreta A. Mclay

David S. McMichael and Darlene A. McMichael

Barbara A. Meeker

Thomas P. Megyesi

Patricia A. Meyer

Alfreda A. Mills

Bernadette C. Miner

Lynn Marie Miskovich

Zenobia Baxter Mistri and Jal Jamshed Mistri

Robert M. Modrowski

Diane C. Moody

Ellen Marie Moore and Robert E. Bratt

Caryn G. Moore and Kenneth D. Moore

Joseph Morales

Joseph T. Morrow and Sandra M. Morrow

Michael J. Moskalick

Ila J. Muller

Timothy Patrick Mulligan

Catherine M. Murphy

Jon F. Nadolski and Sandra Nadolski

Ronald G. Nagel

Gregory P. Neff

David Wayne Neubauer, Sr.

Professor Kathleen A. Nix

Dean E. Nold and Patricia A. Nold

Janice L. Novosel

Betty J. Olsen

Patricia L. Olson and Robert W. Olson

Lynn T. Olszewski

Kenneth George Olthoff

Neil David Opfer

Paula Murray Orthman

Thomas F. Osika

Bipin K. Pai

Maureen Ann Panares

Joseph A. Panfil, Jr. and Cynthia A. Panfil

Jerome T. Paucak and Bernadette M. Paucak

James Louis Paunicka

Shirl Pawlowski

Kirk Lloyd Payne

Donna Peters

Frank A. Piccolo

James Allen Pierzchalski

Kirk A. Pinkerton

Sylvia Planer and Michael Planer

Mary L. Plonczynski

Veronica Polgar and Christopher Alan Polgar

Salvador J. Polito

Mary F. Porsche

Richard K. Predl and Susan G. Predl

The Pressley Family

Rosemary McDede Proctor

Martin Edward Proctor

Katheryn A. Puntillo

Linda H. Quasney

Angelina Ayamo Quigley

Charlotte E. Rakich

Kimberly Brown Rapchak

Robert Alan Read

Kenneth W. Reed

Lisa Marie Rivera

Judith Huke Roberts and Ashton Lindsey Roberts

Juan Rodriquez

Ralph V. Rogers

Daniel M. Rolewski Jr.

Nancy Keuch Rosa

Barbara Goldman Rose

Charlette A. Routh

Cindi Rucinski

Richard G. Ruehl and Sandra J. Zmuda-Ruehl

Richard E. Rupp

David C. Russell and Arlene J. Russell

Sherri D. Russell

Mary A. Sage

Tania M. Sanders and Timothy J. Sanders

Charles A. Sanger and Mary Laciak Sanger

Timothy R. Schock

Susan M. Schultz

John Lee Selky

MaryAnn Shacklett

Douglas P. Sharp

Mary C. Shields and Kenneth P. Shields

Mr.. Yeow K. Siow

Joan C. Skoog

William T. Smith Sr. and Ruth A. Smith

Gloria J. Smokvina

Douglas W. Spaniol

Scott Sparks

John Spasoff and Nancy Spasoff

Deanna Sprenger

Susan Stachler

Clement S. Stacy and Carolyn R. Boiarsky

Mary K. Stark

Thomas P. Steiner

Roseann M. Such

Jack Sudac

Laura M. Susko and Daniel L. Susko

Colleen Swisher-Robison and Rodney D. Robison

Barbara A. Synos

Lorraine J. Tacke and Donald M. Tacke

Deborah L. Thinnes

Shirley P. Thomas

Eric D. Thompson and Melissa Thompson

Kathleen Tobin

Robert J. Tokoly

Leticia Toma and John T. Toma Jr.

Kathleen A. Troxel

Everett B. Truett II and Marian C. Truett

Richard E. Trzcinski and Kathleen J. Trzcinski

Toni A. Turpin

Sheila Underwood

Richard G. VanderWoude

Charles E. VanGemert

Charles M.  Vega

Roseanne M. Vega

Kathryn Heavilin Vidimos

Jennifer E. Vidimos

David A. Vince

Diana Virijevich

Deborah Lynn von Rechenberg

Eugene Vrane

Sigrid Wagner

Xiuling  Wang

Elaine Waples

Stephen J. Watry

Donna M. Weidenfeller

Rodney D. Weingart and Anne M. Weingart

Barbara A. Werblo

Thomas R. Whiteley and Anne Whiteley

Jeffrey K. Wiedemann

Lynda R. Willer

Kathleen D. Williams

Frederick C. Williams and Valencia L. Williams

Vernon A. Williams

Natrona F. Wilson

David R. Wojcinski and Elaine D. Wojcinski

James A. Wood

Marc A. Wsol

Xiaoli  Yang

Richard L. Yates and Maria P. Yates

Dennis C. Yellina and Wendy Ganser Yellina

Kathryn S. Zahn

William G. Zeller

$1 to $99

Tonia S. Amaloo

Kathryn A. Ambler and Thomas W. Ambler

Cynthia Andersen

Donn P. Anderson

Tom Anton

Constantin M. Apostoaia

Joe L. Aquino

Wasiu Ariyo

Olga H. Arreguin and Hugo R. Arreguin

Larry C. Atkins

Mildred E. Baccino

John K. Bachmann

Julie M. Bakker

Rosemary Brogan Balczo

Eileen Marie Baliga and Joseph Matthew Baliga

Ms.. Euradell  Bannister-Dumas

Chester J. Baran and Marianne Lanigan Baran

June Scott Barber

E. James Bardoczi, Jr.

Diane L. Bartko

Sandra L. Basala and James N. Basala

James A. Bathurst and Nancy J Bathurst

Melissa R. Benavidez

Sandra Beshears and Paul E. Beshears Jr.

Susan D. Birdsall

Suzanne M. Blissmer

William G. Boberski

James J. Bobos

Deana A. Borovich

Carol B. Borowski

Joann F. Boulles and George A. Boulles

Anna Bessie Boyd

Katherine P. Boyd

Steven A. Braun

Linda M. Breger

William Bric

Julia Briggs

Tracy A. Brough

Joy Darlene Brown

David J. Brown and Maria J. Brown

Charles Brunson

Janice M. Buchko and Michael J. Buchko

Carolyn D. Bucko

Carol A. Bucur and Raymond R. Bucur

Susan M. Burke

Vanessa J. Butcher and Joseph T. Butcher

Michael S. Byelick and Patricia M. Byelick

Donna M. Cafferata

Kenneth Alan Calaway and Cheryl Pall Calaway

Kenneth C. Campbell and Edeltraut Campbell

Barbara A. Campbell

Jane Campbell

Barbara Ferek Carberry

Cynthia A. Carlson

Juan C. Casas and Kristan L. Casas

Debra Casteel-Flahaven and Richard J. Flahaven

Timothy M. Chant and Diane M. Enoksen-Chant

George M. Cherry

Judith A. Chidsey

Nicholas Ciucki

Deborah J. Clar

Wanda A. Clark

Mary E. Clark

Marilyn Mackall Cleland

Ethel N. Cohen

Alex Cohen

David L. Colella

Crystal Neal Collopy and Robert J. Collopy

Audrey J. Combs

Danna M. Conley

Michael Raymond Conner

Geri L. Corder

Melissa Cordova

Mary E. Costa

Corinne C. Cox and Eugene J. Cox

Robert Ernest Croker

Herbert D. Cunningham

Pamela Sue Curtis

Richard M. Dahlke, Ph.D.

David Brian Dalby

Samantha Dancer

Nancy L. Davis

Jack L. DeBoer and Patricia A. DeBoer

Ellen J. Dec and Daniel G. Dec

Rose F. DelBosque

Deborah E Delinck

Tyrone DeNeal Sr. and Coquilla DeNeal

Vernon A. Detlef

Colleen DeVries and John R. DeVries

Joseph A. Dian and Marjorie Dian

Lucy V. DiMichele and Ronald W. DiMichele

Jennifer Dinell-Humpfer

Marija  Dobratic

Deborah L. Doerr

Laura A. Dorsch

Kevin G. Dost

Blance Duarte

Clary Dudley

Joseph S. Dumakowski and Debra L. Dumakowski

Karen L. Dutchess and Kim D. Dutchess

Ima S. Duvall

Donna M. Eatinger and Shane M. Eatinger

Frederick H. Ebling

Casey J. Eckert

Laura S. Elliott

Nancy A. Ellis

Carol A. Emro

Nancy Beyer Evans and Richard D. Evans

Aaron Evans, Jr.

Antoinette C P. Ewing

Glenna Ferguson Fane

Lynda M. Ferry

Ralph M. Fetsch Jr.

Renee L. Fife

A. M. Fitzwater

Ana G. Fletcher

Joseph I. Flores

Mara H. Floyd

Mary Elizabeth Flynn

Jeanine L. Foreman

Rosanna Robaska Fowler

Elaine Bartel Fox and Robert B. Fox III

Rodney W. Fozkos and Peggy M. Fozkos

Michael A. Frank

Diane Elizabeth Frederici

Mary Ann  Frenchik

Joyce  Ann Frey and David Frey

Susan P. Gadzala

Kathleen Gagnon

Valerie A. Gall

Francine R. Gardberg and Jerome M. Gardberg

Raul R. Garza

Raymond Paul Gastreich

Joe Genova

Gino Gentile

James A. Gerloff and Margaret D. Gerloff

Louis S. Gerovac and Janice J. Gerovac

Janine P. Gilles

Thomas F. Gillespie

Eleanor Glick

Joyce Mikuly Gluth

Esther P. Goldman

Cathy Catt Goldschmidt and James Robert Goldschmidt

Don Aaron Goldsmith

Rosemarie Gomez

Eloise M. Gonzalez

James P. Gonzalez

Madhura S. Gopinath and Sudhir Gopinath

Tyann M. Govert

Charlene J. Grant

Debra L. Grant

Cynthia M. Grasser and Philip J. Grasser

Mary J. Green

Barbara G. Gustin and William J. Gustin

Lara Haddad

Angela L. Haddon and Kent S. Haddon

Sandra M. Hall

Kaylie D. Hall and Derek D. Hall

Gerald R. Hanas

David A. Hanchar

Nancy M. Hanus

Randolph B. Harkabus

Allan Harrell

Dharathula T. Harris and Willie Harris

Comella J. Harston

Tonya Anjanette Harvey

Cecil William Haun and Julie K. Haun

Clarence Hawking

Barbara J. Hayes

Annemarie Heidbuechel

Loretta S. Helman and Harold W. Helman

Helen Henry

Michael C. Henson

Kathleen M. Herochik

David J. Herrmann

Gwendolyn Ann Hickey

Linda M. Hickey

Teddy Hiemstra

David C. Hildebrand and Patricia A. Hildebrand

Marlene Carol Hill

Ms.. Emily J. Hixon

Laura L. Hluska

Brenda J. Hobbs

Ina J. Hodges and Brian K. Hodges

Jerald W. Holcomb

Karen M. Holland

Judith D. Holley

Frank Hornbeak

Janet E. Horvath

Dolores M. Huffman and Scott R. Huffman

Roger A. Huhn

Michael J. Hulick

Joanne Hulsey

Hugh A. Huss

John W. Hutchison

Mary Lorraine Hutchison

Adam  Isailovich

Joan T. Jacko and Leo Jacko

Robert S. Jacobsen and Stephanie G. Jacobsen

Wilma L. Jansen

Kenneth J. Jansing and Ruth Jansing

Jennifer Jarmula

Lillie A. Jenkins

Alan J. Jenvey

Linda J. Johnson

Nancy S. Johnson and Layton E. Johnson

Thomas A. Johnson

Shannon Susanne Johnson

Judith A. Johnson

Vernon P. Jones Jr. and Judith K. Jones

Larry L. Jones

Wanda D. Jordan

Joseph G. Juarez

Alan B. Kalos

Gregory Kapp and Barbara J. Kapp

Ann Fitzpatrick Kasper and James Richard Kasper

Nancy L. Kasten and Carl P. Kasten

Sarah Ann Hayes Kats

Linda Bublis Kazragys and Vitas J. Kazragys

Mary H. Keehn

Patricia E. Kepchar

Peter F. Kesheimer

William E. Kirkman Jr.

Robert W. Kisielewicz

Doreen G. Kitchell and Donald S. Kitchell

Douglas R. Klukken

Teresa L. Kmetz

Paul C. Knauff

John A. Konyar Jr. and Irene Mager Konyar

William K. Kopp

James D. Korba

Sandra J. Kortenhoeven

Richard Daniel Koscielski

Albert N. Kosior Jr. and Joanne Marie Kosior

Christopher A. Kosovich

Sharon A. Kotecki

Matthew N. Kotys

Diana L. Kovach and Michael J. Kovach

Amy Lynn Kovacs

Anita M. Kowalisyn and W. John Kowalisyn

Roger Lee Kraft

Joseph M. Kramer and Sylvia D. Kramer

Joan C. Kress

Karen C. Krolak

Barbara J. Kunnen

Donald R. Kurtz and Dorothy E. Kurtz

Kathryn Kusak and Nick O. Kusak

Kathleen Marie Lamere

Sara Irene Lange

JoEllen Lauer

Sarai C. Lecea

Sandra L. Leeney

Lance D. Lemon and Kimberly M. Lemon

Karen M. Lenart

Richard L. Lenski

John G. Leouses

Jeffrey T. Lesniewicz

Loretta Levin

M. Virginia Lewis

Brian Earl Lewis and Janice Lewis

Larry H. Lindberg

Monyette Linnear

Paul A. Little

Mary C. Lomey and Ronald Lomey

Florence R. Long and George I. Long

David E. Long

Thomas A. Longawa

Julie K. Lubaway and Michael D. Lubaway

Gerald J. Ludwig and Phyllis S. Ludwig

Don L. Lukeman and Ellen Lukeman

Wesley K. Lukoshus

Barbara I. Lumbarkoski

G. Mark Luptak

Harold A Lusk, III

Colleen M. Lustina

Nancy A. Machnikowski and Thomas J. Machnikowski

Ronald J. Mack Sr.

Debra B. Madden

Gregory W. Mager and Deborah Mager

Janice M. Magidson

John W. Malone

Timothy J. Maluga

Marion Maniotes

Nora M. Mann

Michael J. Marlow and Barbara Marlow

Richard A. Mathias and Joyce A. Mathias

Michael A. Matlock

Ann Marie Matovina

M. Lucille Matthews

Richard D. Matthews and Shirley A. Matthews

Douglas P. Matthews

Renea A. Maxfield

Norah J. McFarland

Carol Smitka McKechnie and Mark Jon McKechnie

D. Lee McLaughlin

David Adrian McLees

Patricia Connors Melcher

Keith A. Meny

Bonnie M. Mescal

Kathleen Ann Meyer

Judith A. Meyer

Elizabeth A. Mikaloff and Robert Scott Mikaloff

Roy William Miller Jr. and Joan Killian Miller

Marjorie Koepl Mills

Sharon B. Mitchell

Ismail Mohammad

Zanul Mohammad

Susan M. Montania

Evora Harden Moore and Larry D. Moore

Jill Dub Morrison

Lisa Koch Morrow

Victoria L. Mosca and Frank J. Mosca, Jr.

John E. Moskovich and Joy Moskovich

Timothy E. Moss and Colleen B. Moss

Linda L. Mudra

Edmund T. Mullenbruck

Eileen Murphy

Dennis R. Murzyn and Julie M. Murzyn

Diane M. Muskin

Sita C. Mutyala

Mary L. Mybeck

Renee Jean Nagdeman and Craig S. Nagdeman

Linda S. Nelson

Linda C. Nemeth

Lynette S. Newell

Yolanda Nieves

Kali Nikitas

Sandra E. Norton

Gregory John Nowak

Catherine E. Oakes

Kerry David O’Brien and Lynne Zavada O’Brien

Robert Y. Ochi

Peter Barnaby O’Day and Cynthia Ann Hesemann

Amy K. Ogrentz

Janet L. Opinker

Thomas B. Osmon

Nancy L. Ostrowski

Nicholas J. Padilla and Angela V. Padilla

Christine M. Palicke and Robert S. Palicke

Dennis E. Palucki and Shirley A. Palucki

John S. Paniaguas

Alice Bukovac Pappenheim and James C. Pappenheim

Laura B. Pardonek and James R. Pardonek

Bernard W. Parsons II

Gregory J. Pastor

Mark L. Pasyk

Jennifer N. Paul

Sybil Barnes Peffley and Dave Peffley

James Alan Peiguss and Janet M. Peiguss

Kathleen Moran Persful

Michael D. Phifer and Joyce M. Phifer

John R. Phillips and Astrid I. Phillips

Estella M.S. Phipps

Sandra L. Piech

Joseph L. Piergallini

Jeanette Barnes Pike

Cynthia Louise Piniak

David John Plews

Brian D. Poe

Francisco Ponce Jr.

Michael S. Popovich

Denise Lynn Post

Christine M. Predd and Florian M. Predd

Anthony J. Priesol and Charlotte G. Priesol

John V. Primich

Chris L. Profilovich and Carol A. Profilovich

Helen Psaltis

Daniel J. Punday

Marie A. Purnick and Bill Purnick

Marilyn S. Qualls

Steven L. Rakoczy and Lisa Rakoczy

Richard J. Raspante

Donna Roe Reasner and Brent C. Reasner

Nancy T. Rector

Robert M. Reichanadter

Norma Lynn Reitz

Alicia K. Riley

Anissa R. Rivers

Thomas P. Roach and Jo Anna Bryk-Roach

Gloria J. Robbins

Agnes Long Roberts and John J. Roberts

Pamela J. Robertson

Adam D. Robertson

Kasey Stephanie Rodell

Alma R. Rosado

Lisa Ann Rose

Melissa R. Roy

Janis Marie Rubino and Dennis D. Rubino

Norman C. Ruge

Lisa M. Ruiz

Johnny Ryan

Akili A. Sadiki-Shakur

Jean Sailors

Monica Dernulc Sajn and Branko J. Sajn

Holly Sakal

Carolyn M. Sakelaris

Janet Schlueter Salinas

David Charles Sampias

Patrick and Cyndi Sawaska – Amazing Grass

Kristina  Lauren Scalzitti

Bernard W. Schaaf

Mary C. Scheidel and Timothy  R. Scheidel

Eugene Schlossberger

Irene Schontube

Carol Kubacke Schultz and Donald R. Schultz

Kristina L. Schumacher and Richard M. Schumacher

Felicia Schuster

Jeanne B. Scoleri

Barbara Ann Scott

Charles E. Sells

Marijo Semchuck

Robert John Sepiol and Sherry L. Sepiol

Mary J. Shanks

Howard A. Shaver, Jr.

Henry E. Shein

Lan  Shen

Robert P. Shinkan and Laura M. Shinkan

Bridget M. Shipley and Michael L. Shipley

Leslie A. Shuster

Elizabeth Simmons

Rudy Gene Skorupa

Charles T. Skurka and Carolyn L. Skurka

Veronica Denise Smith

Alex H. Smith Jr.

Mark F. Smitley

John A. Sorota Sr. and Judith A. Sorota

Ronald J. Sprainis

Cheryl Dawn Stacy

Cynthia A. Staehle

Paula K. Stamos

Lyndsey M. Standish

Mary J. Stapleton and Gerald R. Stapleton

Kimberly R. Stawicki and Casimer J. Stawicki

Kathleen F. Stelter and Melvin Stelter

Kathryn V. Stengel

Joan Stewart

Catherine L. Stumpfl

Mildred T. Summers and Gordon G. Summers

Judith Donnelly Swalick

William R. Swick

Joyce D. Syler

Pamela D. Szakacs

Gerard William Blaise Szany

Mary Jalocha Tadey

David W. Talabay and Carol L. Talabay

Stephen R. Tallackson

Harold L. Taylor and Yvonne C. Taylor

Norma J. Taylor

Shalana R. Thompson

Patricia A. Tillich

W. T. Evert Ting

Tracy A. Toodle

Alan L. Topping

Kay M. Torrenga

Teresa M. Tratar

Terry S. Trepper

Betty A. Trippe

Michael L. Trkulja

Lauren  P. Trumbo

Lance Trusty and Janet Trusty

Cuthbert A. Turnbull

Jeffrey M. Turner

Michelle Udchitz

Janice A. Urevig

Robert K. Urick

Jeffrey J. Vaitekunas

Mildred P. Vajagich

Lisette L. Verlander and Harry S. H. Verlander, Jr.

John L. Visnyak

Chandramouli  Viswanathan

Mark C. Wacnik

Joy Waechter

Paul A. Waisanen

William R. Wajvoda

Willie L. Walker

Virginia Cruz Ward

Katherina Kish Watson

Marcia Weller Weinhold

Joseph R. Weir

Colette M. Weitknecht and Horace Weitknecht

Quinn A. West and Dan L. West Jr.

Dale B. Westlake

Mary W. White and John P. White Sr.

Crystal N. White

Levon A. Whittaker

Tricia L. Wilder

Larry R. Wiley

Rosemary A. Wilhelm

K. Don Williams and Jean Williams

Susan B. Williams and Todd R. Williams

Renee Y. Williams

Henry M. Williamson

Brian M. Willis and Jennifer Lyn Willis

Marilyn A. Windsor

Tammara R. Winn

Linda J. Withrow

Jean Wleklinski

Nancy A. Woodward and Jerry A. Woodward Sr.

Ansui Xu

Stefan Yanef

Nancy  W. Yos

Christine M. Younker and Gene H. Younker

Cynthia D. Zaffore

John W. Zappia and Bettyjean Zappia

James J. Zdobylak and Cora C. Zdobylak

Carol D. Zencka and Raymond Zencka

Contributions from Corporations/Foundations/Organizations

$100,000 and above

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation

John W. Anderson Foundation

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Morrison Container Handling Solutions

Prevent Child Abuse America

Rockwell Automation

Shuttleworth Incorporated

Bruce & Beth White Family Foundation

Dean & Barbara White Family Foundation

$10,000 to $99,999

A.G. Cox Charity Trust

American Public Works Association


B & R Industrial Automation Corp.

BP Foundation Inc.

Correct Construction Inc.

Wanda Dudzik Memorial Scholarship Trust

Fifth Third Bank

Foundations of East Chicago

Goodman Packaging Equipment

International University of Nursing Limited

Legacy Foundation Inc.


NiSource Charitable Foundation

Running Like a Dream Fund

Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc.

$5,000 to $9,999

BP Corporation North America Inc.

Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana

Crown Corr Inc.

Harris Bank

NiSource Inc

Northern Indiana Community Foundation

Optimist Club of Hammond

Superior Engineering Corporation

The Times of Northwest Indiana

$1,000 to $4,999

Ameristar Casino East Chicago

Arctic Engineering Company, Inc.

Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Berglund Construction

Chicago Society for Coatings Technology

Community Hospital


Gariup Construction Co. Inc.

Hasse Construction Company

Horseshoe Hammond, Inc.

Huhtamaki Food Service

Hyre Electric Co. of Indiana Inc.

Indiana Science Olympiad

Intel Foundation

Intralox, LLC

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Kaplan Enterprises

McMahon & Associates

Mechanical Concepts Inc.

Pangere Corporation

Peoples Bank

Ryerson Tull Foundation

School Town of Munster

St. Mary Medical Center

State Farm Companies Foundation

Strack and Van Til LLC

T.E.K. Solutions

VOA Associates Incorporated

Walsh & Kelly Inc.

White Lodging Services Corporation

William Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation

$100 to $999

Alkon Consulting Group Inc.

Alliant Techsystems

Anastasia Polite TTEE

ASM International Calumet Chapter

Association for Iron & Steel Technology

Barnes & Thornburg

Berglund Construction Co.

Berlin’s Construction, Inc.

Boeing Gift Matching Program

Briggs & Stratton

Bryco Services, Inc.

Calumet Astronomical Society, Inc.

Calumet Electric Supply Corporation

Carras-Szany-Kuhn & Associates Inc.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Foundation

Christenson Chevrolet Inc.

Citizens Savings Foundation

City of Hammond

Coleman Insulation Company

Dean Sangalis & Associates Financial Services

Design Organization Inc.

Doctor’s Pharmacy, Incorporated

Doherty Images LLC

Dorner Manufacturing Corporation

E. C. Babilla Inc.

Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Inc Matching Gift Program

First Midwest Bank

Gatlin Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Golden Gate Funeral Home

Great Lakes Roofing & Construction Co., Inc.

Hamilton Community Foundation

Hein Farms, Inc.

Hoosier Highlander

IBM International Foundation

Interstate Environmental Services Inc.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

K & R Boarding

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc.

La Hayne Funeral Home Inc.

Lake Fork Fertilizer Services Inc.

Largus Printing

Leep’s Supply Co. Inc.

Lifetouch National School Studios

Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program

Locoli Inc.

Marzullo Supply Company

McColly Real Estate

Meier’s Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc.

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Parker Hannifin Foundation

Pater’s Farm

Pepsico Foundation Incorporated

Perfection Cleaning LLC

Powers and Sons Construction Company Inc.

Precision Control Systems, Inc.

Professional Convention Management Association

Purdue Calumet Business Services & Comptrollers Division

R. L. Millies & Associates, Inc.

Schepel Auto Group

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Singleton, Crist, Austgen & Sears

Smith Animal Clinic Inc.

South Shore Arts

Stan’s Painting & Decorating, Inc.

Summit Lane Farm

The Wheel Family Restaurant

Thermosystems, Inc.

Thompson Printing Company, Inc.

ThyssenKrupp Safway, Inc.

Tyler’s Tack

U.S. Steel Foundation

United Parcel Service

Vidimos Inc.

Wachovia Foundation

Weiss Family Charitable Foundation

$1 to $99

Aaron Pinkus State Farm

Art Cardenas & Michelle Golden

Briggs and Stratton

Centier Bank

D & M Custom Interiors

Exelon Matching Gift Program

Harris Bank

Honda of America Manufacturing Incorporated

Houghton Mifflin Matching Gift Program

Jet Auto Sales – Bob Thompson


Lucas, Holcomb & Medrea LLP

Marathon Sportswear, Inc.

Social Security Administration

United Way of Lake Area

Whirlpool Foundation


We gratefully recognize those who have provided for future generations by including a gift to Purdue Calumet in their wills or testamentary trust.  For more information on planned giving at Purdue Calumet, please call 219/989-2323.


Calvin E and Catherine J. Bellamy

Stewart E. Brekke

Howard S. and Patricia M. Cohen

Gloria H. Duckworth+

Judith L. Hack

Reginald O’Neal Harris

Richard L. and Sharon Kristoff

John J. Lucas

Kenneth A.+  and Marjorie A Mills

Lawrence A. Reister and Betty Gerow Gawthrop

In case of error or omission

Every attempt has been made to insure the accuracy of these lists.  If your name does not appear in this report and it should, or if it is listed incorrectly, please accept our apologies and our gratitude.  If you notify our office, we will correct our records so that proper recognition may be accorded in the future.  Please call the Office of Advancement at 219/989-2323.

+ Denotes donors who are deceased

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