Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 - 12:30 pm

From the Editor

Listen to (and watch) our experts!

It was a no-brainer.

On our campus, many of the most informed and knowledgeable academicians share their expertise with our students every day. Why not invite several of those Purdue Calumet faculty members to do likewise with you?

So we identified seven of the most talked-about, significant, challenging and, in some cases, perplexing topics facing our society…

  • Family values
  • The prospect of peace in the Middle East
  • Effective K-12 education
  • Causes and effects of our recent financial crisis
  • America’s ability to thwart terrorism
  • Health care in America
  • Developments in technology

Then we asked seven professors to stop by the TV production studio in Porter Hall for a brief Q&A in response to their topic. Production Coordinator Craig Blohm, from our Dept. of Communication and Creative Arts, manned the camera. I did my best Edward R. Murrell interviewer impersonation, sans the cigarette, of course. (Oops, I’ve just dated myself). Thanks to Craig’s top notch camera work, you’ll see and hear less from me and more from the likes of…

  • Dr. Joseph Wetchler, professor of marriage and family therapy and director of Purdue Calumet’s nationally and internationally regarded master’s degree program in marriage and family therapy, about family values;
  • Dr Miriam Joyce, professor of history and author of the book, Anglo-American Support for Jordan: The Career of King Hussein, about the Middle East;
  • Dr. Robert Rivers, professor of education, dean of Purdue Calumet’s School of Education, and overseer of curriculum development for Hammond’s new innovative  charter school, the Hammond Academy for Science and Technology (see The Next Level), about effective K-12 education;
  • Dr. C. Pat Obi, professor of finance and economics, and financial/global events expert, about the recent financial crisis;
  • Dr. Richard Rupp, associate professor of political science, head of Purdue Calumet’s Dept. of History and Political Science, and author of the book, NATO After 9/11, about the United States’ ability to combat terrorism;
  • Dr. Jane Walker, associate professor of nursing, about improving America’s health care system; and
  • Dr. Niaz Latif, dean of Purdue Calumet’s School of Technology and a commissioner of the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, about the role and advancement of technology.

So, for a heaping helping of insight, enlightenment and perspective, get comfortable and click onto the OUR faculty discussing THE issues link.

Of course, while you’re online, we think you’ll enjoy the rest of Purdue Calumet INSIGHT, as well.


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