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dear friends,

Chancellor Cohen

As we have come to learn over the years, Purdue Calumet students’ lives are complicated and tightly scheduled. As they pursue their Purdue degree, our students juggle jobs, family, and other relationships and commitments as they attend classes, study, write papers, do laboratory research and meet with their professors, advisors and fellow students. Every day is an exercise in balancing priorities.

As you’ll read in these pages and in our expanded, on line edition, Purdue Calumet students tend to approach their lives in a practical, structured manner. They invest in their futures and prioritize their lives by making judgments about what is important and what is relevant.

Our faculty also make judgments about what is important and what is relevant as they structure the student learning experience. As our society changes, priorities change. New knowledge emerges, prompting new technology to advance better ways to realize our dreams and fuel opportunities for new jobs and careers. Our educational commitment is to provide cutting edge instruction and programs that prepare students for those opportunities.

In this on-line issue, you will gain a taste of both perspectives—just how complicated and complex our students’ lives can be (Welcome to my world! – Feature Story) and some of the ways in which Purdue Calumet responds through new, changing and restructured academic programs (Adapting academically – Feature Story).

An effective, relevant 21st century Purdue Calumet education does not rest merely on the laurels of Purdue tradition; it also builds on the anticipated needs of our students.


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