Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 - 10:31 am

Life in my world is plenty active & involved, too!

By Dianca Chase

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dianca Chase, student intern in Purdue Calumet’s Office of University Relations this spring, looks forward to graduating this December after relocating from Houston, Tex. Then she hopes to land a career in professional sports marketing/promotions. In the meantime, besides interning in the Office of University Relations, she attends to a schedule of classes, works at another campus job and is married to a Hammond school teacher/coach, whose career she actively supports. Not much down time for Dianca. Well, let her explain . . .
— Wes Lukoshus

As a student, employee, intern and wife, she has a full plate.“Same old, same old” is what I reply when someone asks what I have been doing lately. However, that response implies monotony, a term I would not use to describe my life.

My time has grown progressively busy with each passing year I have been a student at Purdue University Calumet. While I do not enjoy sitting around doing nothing, which is what I did before enrolling at PUC, I am often exhausted by the time my head reacquaints with my pillow most nights at 10:30.

Before becoming a student at PUC, I had not owned a planner to keep my life in order. I do now. Unequivocally, I rely on it to guide me 24/7.

A basic list of the obligations and extracurricular activities in my life reads like so:

  • 9 credit hours of communication courses,
  • 22 hours weekly working in the Center for Student Achievement,
  • 10 hours per week as an intern in University Relations and
  • countless hours per week working at home completing chores, including laundry, cooking dinner each night for my husband and myself, and washing dishes. I also serve as a member of the Hammond High Athletic Booster Club, Purdue Calumet’s Society for Human Resource Management, and International Student Organization.

I moved to Hammond from Houston in 2004, during what I thought at the time to be the coldest winter I’d ever experience. Previously, I had attended the University of Houston for one year as a Consumer Science major, but decided that seemed rather trivial and meaningless in lieu of the terrorists’ attacks of 9/11.

With the passing of time, we realized that we were not getting younger, so we decided to move to Hammond to live with my husband’s parents as we complete our degrees.

During my first semester at PUC, I was an Industrial Engineering Technology major. After a less than successful initial semester, I became a communication major after reading an article about a staff member of the National Football League’s Houston Texans who had been a communication major. Changing my major was one of the best things I have done; the communication field is broad, allowing me to experience many different career options.

Despite the fun opportunities that being a Purdue Calumet student have provided me, the responsibilities of my personal life remain. Like many students, I am confronted daily with the task of prioritizing my obligations.

More often than not, one duty is completed at the cost of the other. The most challenging aspect of my life is wearing each hat well. I often feel as though I could do more. While I am not a perfectionist, I do want to perform better than average. I want to be the best I can be, but I also want to enjoy life as I take advantage of opportunities to succeed.

Though there are times I feel as if I am training to become a professional juggler, I would not trade my life for anything. The additional experiences, people I have met and new concepts I learn have made my career as a PUC student unforgettable. I am confident I will be more than prepared for the real world after graduation.

Purdue University Calumet has added richness to my education I will not take for granted. The student activities, mentoring opportunities, organizations, and faculty and staff have made my time here worth the homesickness I have frequently felt throughout the last four years.

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