Digital Signage

Installation of informational monitors across campus

With the recent proliferation of informational monitors on campus, we have clarified the procedures for requesting and receiving approval for installing these monitors in all areas across the campus. The following outlines the steps that should be followed to have a new monitor installed.


  1. Requestor makes their request via the web form digital signage request form.
  2. The Supervisor of Audio Visual Services (SAVS) will determine basic technical features/functionality needed to meet the requestor’s needs.
  3. The SAVS will coordinate a monitor placement discussion with staff from academic facilities, physical facilities,  and the requestor.
    • The representative from academic facilities will provide the requestor with an estimate of the work and costs associated with uninstalling/decommissioning the monitor in the future.
  4. Once placement and technical issues are resolved, information will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Information Services (VCIS) for approval.
  5. After the VCIS has approved, the monitor and associated hardware and infrastructure will be purchased and installed.
  6. After installation, content creators will work with University Relations to develop content and use approved branding/graphics.

Notes for requestors:

  1. The area requesting the unit is financially responsible for all aspects of purchase and installation of the monitor including materials, electrical work, cabling, and mounting.
  2. The area requesting the units will also be responsible for replacing the unit when it breaks or reaches end-of-life.
  3. If the area decides to remove or fails to replace a broken monitor, that unit will be financially responsible for any repair or fixes need to restore the area to its prior state, i.e., patching holes in walls or ceilings, replacing wallpaper, etc.

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