Identity Finder

There are no IS security alerts at this time.

Identity Finder is software that will search your computer for social security numbers, and will act as a tool to assist you in securing or removing this information from your computer.

Identity Finder will search your computer for documents or emails that contains sets of numbers that match a certain pattern, in this case, the pattern of a social security number. It will then give you a set of helpful tools and options for each occurance, where a match occurs.

You can leave the instance unchanged, or you can shred it. Shredding is a process that deletes the information several times so that there is no remaining trace of it.

Identity Finder will be rolled out to all computers on campus.  If you are having difficulty using identity finder, or are unsure of what to do with it, consult the pages on this site for helpful information, such as a walkthrough to using Identity Finder.