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Image: Password Vault Button

Password Vault: This feature is used to create, store, and manage passwords for Identity Finder.  

Image: Secure File Button

Secure File:  This option will allow the user to secure any file that Identity Finder discovers, or .  Encrypting files, using their choice of encryption method and storing the encrypted file within a Zip file if it does not already support its own encryption method.  Most files do not have an encryption method, and will be stored within Zip Files so that they can be.  When selecting a password for this option make sure, that it is something that can easily remembered.  Since no one will be able to reset or remember your password but the one who encrypts the file.

Image: Open Secure Zip File Button

Open Secure Zip File:  This is the other side to the coin of Secure File.  Once a file has been secured and password protected, Identity Finder is needed to open and decrypt the file that has been secured through Identity Finder.

Image: Shred Files or Folders Button

Shred Files or Folders: This will delete either a single file, or the contents to an entire folder.  If a folder is selected, it will delete all the files within the folder but will not delete the folder itself.  Since shredding will overwrite the file several times with zeros, the file will be unrecoverable.  Take care when selecting this option that you are absolutely sure that you wish to preform this option.

Image: Secure/Shred Microsoft IE Button

Secure/Shred Microsoft IE:  These two buttons will either secure or shred files found in Microsoft Internet Explorer files and residual data found from Microsoft Internet Explorer files.  It will examine your browser history and eliminate any files that might contain sensitive information. 

Image: Secure Firefox/Shred Firefox Buttons

Secure/Shred Firefox: These two options will secure or shred files, found in Mozilla Firefox files and residual data found from Mozilla Firefox files.  It will examine your browser history and eliminate any files that might contain sensitive information. 

Image: Scheduling Button

Scheduling: You can set Identity Finder to automatically scan your computer at any time you desire, without having to run the program manually each time.  Identity Finder will run in the background without interfering with work, and taking system resources that other programs may need.