GoPrint is a print management system currently implemented in campus computer labs to ensure that students continue to have convenient and affordable access to printing services for academic purposes.  Printing costs will be 4 cents per page for single-sided documents and 25 cents per page for color copies.  Every student is allocated $20.00 in free prints, which equates to 500 free black and white 8.5″ x 11″ pages at the beginning of each semester.

Using GoPrint

  1. After sending a document or file to print, the GoPrint Login Screen will open. Your print job(s) will be listed on the screen.  Before you pay, you will need to delete any previous print jobs from the login screen that you no longer want to print by clicking on the X next to the print job name.
  2. Login using your NetID (also called Career Account username), for example: gsmith, your current password, and clicking “Sign In” on the GoPrint Login Screen.
  3. You are only being charged for prints in excess of your quota. GoPrint fees will be deducted from the Free Print Quota first.
  4. To print your document(s), click on “Pay with Quota”. If you have more than one print job listed, ALL your print jobs will be sent to the printer when you click on “Pay with Quota”. Delete any print jobs you do not want to print.
  5. Your print job(s) will be sent to the printer where they can be picked up.
  6. If you minimize or close the GoPrint screen, you can return to the screen by clicking on the GoPrint icon in the lower right hand corner of the computer’s screen.

Cash to Account Station

After the Free Print Quota has been used, student will need to put money into a Cash to Account station that looks much a change machine.  These stations are located in the lounge area of SULB, and the vending machine areas in the CLO and ALCT.

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