Exchange Migration Quick Tips

You can see your storage limit and current mailbox size with a quick glance in both Outlook desktop and Outlook Web Access

Outlook Desktop

  • Click on the “File” tab and look under the “Mailbox Cleanup” section.

Outlook Web Access

  • Hover your cursor over your mailbox name in the Navigation Pane for a quick tool tip that displays your mailbox size info.

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Exchange 2010 comes with a new feature: Conversations

Users of Gmail may be familiar with this. All messages (replies, forwards) within a thread will be grouped together.  This feature is automatically turned off in Outlook desktop, but in Outlook Web Access it is turned on by default. You can turn this feature on/off by:

Choose view in your menu, and click Use Conversations. A checkmark means that this feature is turned on.

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You can still change your password through OWA, but the location will be a little different

Go to Options in the upper right corner, choose Change your Password.

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You can now add other mailboxes in Outlook Web Access

Right click your mailbox name, choose Open Other User’s Inbox… and type in the email address of the mailbox you wish to open.

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You may need to update the settings in your smartphone

If you have your phone setup to receive your email you may have to make some minor changes to the account settings.


  • For iPhone users, add staff into the “Domain” field.


  • For Android users, add staff into the “Domain” field. If you do not have a “Domain” field, add staff\ before your username in the “username” field.

If you are still unable to receive your mail after this, or the phone will not accept the settings, you may need to delete the account and set it up again.

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