Buying Guide: Hardware

Individual Purchases

Go to ITaP Shopping Online at [Opens in New Window] and click on “Purchase as Individual” to access the online HP storefront with Purdue pricing on computers and other electronics.

Departmental Purchases

PC Purchasing Configurator and Guide

Our current standard supported PC is the HP 8300 Elite CMT. You can download and use the Excel configurator file to guide you through the desktop configuration within the HP Boilermart in SRM once you have decided on a configuration. The Excel file will automatically calculate the system cost based on recommended upgrades from the standard configuration. Simply enter the quantity of systems you would like in the “Qty” cell next to the HP Compaq Elite 8300 CMT PC.

If you would like to purchase a monitor we have 2 supported options which are in the Green text areas towards the bottom of the Excel file.  Please note that you will need to copy the part number and paste it in the “Quick Buy” text box within the Boilermart to add a monitor to the system.  There are 2 tabs in the Excel file “HP 8300 Elite Desktop” tab is the configurator page and can be used estimate your purchase cost.  The second tab entitled “Boilermart instructions” can be used as a guide to navigate through the purchasing an HP in SRM.

Note: An accessible version of pc purchasing configurator file (in .xlsx format) will be available soon.  If you need the non-accessible version of the configurator file, please contact the web coordinator at

Quotes may also be obtained through our HP representatives below:

Hewlett-Packard Company
Account Manager
Personal Systems Group
Education, State and Local Government Division

You may also contact:

Personal Systems Group
IN Inside Sales Representative
PH: 800-888-3224 x 7717714
FX:  800-825-2329