Banner Access Request Procedure

There have been some questions of what the proper procedure is for granting access to Banner.  The following explains the process to request access for INB Banner (Internet Native Banner) and/or Advisor Query.  Please note that these procedures must be followed for new hires and any addition to an individual’s existing access.  These procedures also apply when an employee transfers to another department on campus.  Because Banner access is specific to the responsibility of an individual within a department, their Banner access will be revoked upon their departure.  As such, a departmental transfer will be treated as a new hire and must follow the procedures outlined below.

Requesting access to INB Banner or Advisor Query:

  1. A request needs to be sent to Banner Security by the head of the department.  The requests cannot be sent from another individual copying in the Department head.   This is needed for WL security auditing purposes.
  2. Security request should include the type of access needed (i.e. INB Banner and/or Advisor Query) and the reason for this access.  If INB Banner access is needed, the request needs to list the specific forms needed and the type of access needed i.e. (query or maintenance).  If there is another person in the department that has access similar to what the individual needs, the request can list this username as reference for the requested access.
  3. Once Banner Security receives this email, we will then send this request on to the data owners for approval.  At this point they can approve, deny or modify the access requested.  The information will be conveyed to the department head if changes are made.
  4. Part of the approval process of the data owners is to verify FERPA, GLBA, SSN and Data Handling.  An email may be sent to the individual with a link for the certifications required for the particular access being requested.  The data owners will not approve the security request until verification of the certification.
  5. Once Banner Security receives approval back from all needed data owners, the request will be processed and an email will be sent to the individual notifying them of their access.

For questions or more information, please e-mail Don Erwin, Director of Enterprise Systems at, or send e-mail to Banner Security at