IT Planning

Information Technology planning at Purdue University Calumet is a collaborative venture involving various campus constituencies as well as the staff within the Information Services division.

On this page, you will find the first strategic plan for the Information Services division. This strategic plan for Information Services supports the mission of the University by integrating the goals related to information systems and services with the five strategic goals of the University. This is accomplished in several ways including:

  • Improving support for strategic academic initiatives to foster engaged learning;
  • Enhancing library facilities and services to help prepare an educated workforce and citizenry for our region;
  • Improving student success by empowering users;
  • Increase support for faculty and staff excellence by developing a more robust research and development environment; and
  • Enhance communication to help develop a more vibrant campus community.

As an information service and technology organization that services the entire University, the Information Services division is committed to engaging and listening to our campus community as we help lead in the delivery of the technological services and information resources needed in this fast-paced and quickly changing environment.