Malicious e-mail: Mailbox Violation Routine

The malicious E-Mail message below is being circulated via the Internet. This is a Phishing E-Mail. Please delete this message.

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer. Cybercriminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses. They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website.

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From: Williams, Kyle B [E-Mail address] Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 11:39 AM
To: Williams, Kyle B
Subject: RE: Mailbox Violation Routine

MAIL VIOLATION : QUOTA SIZE 98.99% your e-mail will be blocked within 24 hours of getting this notification ,You will not be able to send non receive mail. To avoid this problem, You are advised to verify your email account by Clicking on ( Web Link ) Failure to do this you will have your account deactivated. Protecting your webmail account is our primary concern.

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