Ryan Hurling

Ryan Hurling

Flight Operations Safety Investigator

After completing his Bachelor’s degreein RHI at Purdue Calumet in 1993, I went on to complete his Masters of Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 2005. I also received a Certificate of Aircraft Accident Investigation from the Southern California Safety Institute 2009. I am currently pursuing a JD at Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX.

After leaving Purdue Calumet, I joined Southwest Airlines in June of 1993 as a Customer Service Agent, working at Chicago Midway Airport. I was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor in 1994 at the Phoenix, Arizona, Sky Harbor Airport. I returned to Chicago Midway in 1998 as Training Manager of Ground Operations, and then accepted the role of Corporate Recruiter in November 2000. In this position I hired primary groups of Maintenance, Technology and Ground Operations.

I was again promoted, to Senior Recruiter in February 2004, working in Dallas Texas. I was responsible for sourcing, recruiting and talent retainment primarily for Flight Operations (Engineers, First Officers, Flight Simulator Technicians, and Crew Scheduling). I completed Aviation Safety Systems M.S. in May 2005, and joined Flight Operations Safety group in November 2006 as Flight Safety Analyst. In August 2009, I completed Certificate of Aircraft Accident Investigation, awarded by SCSI in Southern California in conjunction with the National Transportation Safety Board, Fairfax,VA. I was promoted again in the fall of 2010, and currently work as a Flight Operations Safety Investigator.

The Flight Operations Safety Investigations primary responsibility is to investigate any and all incidents and/or accidents defined by the National Transportation Safety Board. In addition, another primary purpose is to identity risks and hazards within daily events and take action to prevent events that result in loss of life and/or complete aircraft hull loss. We are very fortunate that we are identified as the safest 737 commercial operator in the world by industry analysts, trade groups, magazines/publications and by the Air Transport Association of America.

There were several opportunities upon leaving college for me to accept – some paid better than others and in most I probably would have been making a heck of a lot more money immediately, however Geralyn I wouldn’t have traded it in for the world this company has given me. There was a time or two when I considered giving up when the career wasn’t going right and an actual time I contacted Mike Flannery for options back in the Restaurant world – I’m glad he talked me out of it, because finally after 17 years I hit the lottery with where I’m currently at. So thanks Mike!