Academic Plans of Study

Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science HTM, Option in Fitness Management

*Effective Spring 2011: The HTM department associate degrees programs have been discontinued. Only current associate degree seeking students are allowed to finished out the curriculum.

Certificate Programs

Certificate in Hospitality

Certificate in Nutrition & Health Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management Minors

The Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Program has created three minors that will fulfill the interest needs of students pursuing baccalaureate degrees other than HTM, at Purdue University Calumet. Students with 15 – 19 credit hours of free electives on their plan of study can complete any of these minors. Click below on “HTM Minors” to view all three.

HTM Minors

Foods and Nutrition

Hospitality Management

Recreational Management


Course Descriptions:

Foods & Nutrition Courses

Fitness Management Courses

Hospitality & Tourism Management Courses