Mission and Values

Hospitality & Tourism Management Departmental Mission

The primary mission of the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management is to develop leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry by providing students with a thorough grounding in industry principles across a wide variety of hospitality contexts.  Focus on lifelong learning, leadership, communication, and team skills enable students to critically evaluate and apply key industry principles.

Hospitality & Tourism Management Program Objectives

Understand, critically evaluate, and apply key Industry Principles across a variety of hospitality contexts

Demonstrate knowledge of the role of leadership, communication, and team skills required for Effective Management within the diverse and global hospitality business environment

Demonstrate awareness of Ethical and Personal Responsibilities as a member of the hospitality industry

Build the competencies and habits required for Life-Long Learning

Hospitality & Tourism Management Departmental Values

Student Success

Life-long Learning

Active Industry Participation

Community Service

Experiential Learning

Ethical & Personal Responsibility

Accessibility to Instruction

Interdisciplinary Collaboration