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Requesting and Approving Leaves Online

In May, 2012, Purdue Calumet will transition to a new process for requesting and approving leaves.  This new process is not for everyone nor is it for every type of leave.  Learn more about this new process by listening to the brief overview in Step 1 below.

Step One – Requesting and Approving Leaves Online — An Overview

Step Two — Prepare for Requesting and Approving Online Leaves

  • Set Your West Lafayette E-Mail to Forward to your PUC E-Mail —  QRC – Setting WL Email to Forward to PUC Email (if your e-mail is not set to forward, you will not receive e-mail related to leave requests)
  • Check to Ensure Your Work Schedule is CorrectQRC – Verify Work Schedule (if your work schedule is not correct in SAP your leave balances may not accurately calcualte)
  • If you supervise others, Check your Supervisor RosterQRC – Verify Your Supervisor Roster (if your supervisor roster is not correct, you will not receive leave requests your direct reports initiate)

Step Three – If you are requesting a leave, the quick reference cards below will walk you through the process.

Step Four — If you supervise others, the quick reference cards below will walk you through the process of approving or denying a request.

Step Five – If you have been assigned to enter approvals on behalf of someone else, the following instructions must be followed before you will be able to perform these tasks.

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