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Jump Start For Supervisors

Jump Start for Supervisors is a series of self-paced, short, online modules intended to educate new Purdue Calumet supervisors quickly regarding key policies within their first few weeks of employment.  Jump Start is an educational solution for new supervisors to provide critical information in a timely manner.  Supervise for Success is a nine-module classroom based training program which is offered anually for supervisors.  Jump Start bridges the gap between the new supervisors hire date and the next offering of the classroom based modules.  Following are the current modules offered in the Jump Start Program.  Click on a Module to begin the education process!

Module 1 – Get to Know Your Unit

Module 2 – Paying Your Employees

Module 3 – Workplace Injuries

Module 4 – Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action

Module 5 – Grievance Policies and Complaint Resolution Procedures

Module 6 – Leaves of Absences

Module 7 – Emergency Preparedness for My Unit

Module 8 – Hiring Staff

Module 9 – Verifying Employment and Responding to Public Records Requests

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