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Preparing for Your New Employee

Prior to your new employee’s first day on the job, there are several administrative tasks that must be completed by many people. Human Resources, the new employee, the new employee’s ambassador and YOU will all be engaged in executing tasks in preparation for our new addition.

Documents You Need

Three critical pieces of documentation that you should have are:

  1. Supervisor’s Guide to Effectively Onboarding a New Employee (PDF)
  2. The New Employee Guide (PDF)
  3. The New Employee Ambassador Guide (PDF)

The Supervisor’s Guide document has been created just for YOU. It outlines the recommended tasks that supervisors should complete during every phase of the onboarding process. Print out the guide and use it as a checklist — check off the tasks outlined in the guide as you complete each one!

The New Employee Guide was created for your new employee. The guide is mailed to your new employee by Human Resources prior to his/her start date and provides your new employee with information and tasks that he/she should complete during every phase of the onboarding process. You should review the new employee guide so you know what your new employee is experiencing during his/her orientation period!

The New Employee Ambassador Guide was created for the Purdue Calumet mentors that have agreed to serve as “day one” tour guides for your new hire. Ambassadors play an important role in helping your new hire secure computing and building access and get up and running quickly. Take a look at the New Employee Ambassador Guide to get a feel for the types of tasks the Ambassador will be covering with your new employee.

The Human Resources staff is very active during this phase of the onboarding process. HR has it’s own checklist of 100+ tasks they are completing to ensure the new employee has a smooth transition into their new position.

Ready to get started?

Print out your supervisor guide and read the overview information on pages 2 through 6. Your first set of actions begins on page 7! If at any time you have any questions, please contact Human Resources x2251.

Forms You May Need

Following are links to some of the forms you may need to complete prior to your new employee’s first day that are referenced in your Supervisor Guide:

Please note: in order to view some of these forms, you may need to download and install free document viewer plugins. You will find the links to those plugins in the navigation on the right of each page on this site.


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