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Preparing for Your First Day

Prior to your first day on the job, there are several administrative tasks that must be completed for you as well as by you. Following is a summary of what you can expect to occur as well as information we need from you.

  1. If you have been hired into an Administrative/Professional position (monthly paid) you can expect to receive an offer letter.
    Please sign and return the offer letter to Human Resources right away!
  2. You may receive a welcome call from your supervisor or someone from from your new department. Be certain to ask questions if you are confused about anything!
  3. You will receive a welcome packet in the mail that contains
    • A Welcome Letter
    • New Employee Guide
    • Forms to be completed
    • Information about benefit options

    You should read the Welcome letter and then open up the New Employee Guide and begin reading and completing the tasks requested in the first section of the guide titled “Preparing for Your First Day”. There are several forms that need to be completed as well as actions that you are asked to take. Following the checklists carefully in the New Employee Guide will ensure you are properly prepared for your first day!

Contents of Your Welcome Packet

Following are links to many of the forms and documents contained in your welcome packet.

Employment Information Forms

Benefits Information

Additional benefits:  

Retirement Plans

Administrative/Professional and Management/Professional Staff only:

Clerical, Service and Operations Technical Staff only:

All Benefit-Eligible Staff:

Please note: in order to view some of these forms, you may need to download and install free document viewer plugins. You will find the links to those plugins in the navigation on the right of each page on this site.

Additional Benefits Information

Please visit the main benefits Web site where you have online access to all benefit information. This is a great tool to take a look at prior to your first day!


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