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On Your Start Date

On your first day, the primary focus will be taking care of the administrative paperwork associated with the new hire process, reviewing critical employment policies, responding to questions you have related to employee benefits options, and acclimating you to the layout of the campus.

The focus will also be on getting you set up with the proper computer, building and parking access and making sure you can successfully log onto the network, use your telephone, and send and receive e-mail messages. Purdue Calumet provides you with a colleague who serves as your New Employee Ambassador for the day to welcome you and offer assistance.

What To Do First

Most of the time, new employees are to report to Human Resources at 8:00 am on their first day. A typical first day for a new employee looks like this:

  1. 8:00 am Orientation with Human Resources
  2. 9:30 am Campus Tour with New Employee Ambassador
  3. 11:30 am Lunch with New Employee Ambassador
  4. 12:30 pm Basic Training with New Employee Ambassador
  5. 2:00 pm Meet with Supervisor and Get to Know Your Colleagues

Orientation with Human Resources

During your orientation with Human Resources, you will receive a “Start Date Packet”. In that packet, is your benefit enrollment form. It is very important that you complete the enrollment form as soon as possible and submit to Human Resources. You have 30 days from your hire date to make your benefit elections.

Most of the information in your start date packet is also available online. You can click on the links below to access the content.

Start Date Packet Contents

Tour/Lunch/Training with New Employee Ambassador

  1. After your orientation with Human Resources, your New Employee Ambassador will take you on a tour of the campus during which you will secure your network and e-mail login accounts, PUID badge, parking permit, and building/office keys. You will meet many new people along the tour.
  2. Your New Employee Ambassador will treat you to lunch in the Oaken Arbor Cafe. The Oaken Arbor Cafe is one of three places on campus where you can secure something to eat. This is an informal lunch and provides you an opportunity to relax and ask questions of your Ambassador.
  3. After lunch, your Ambassador will take you to your department where you will be familiarized with your workspace. Your ambassador will also help you log in to the Purdue Calumet computer network, help you log in to the OnePurdue portal, demonstrate the features of employee self service, conduct basic e-mail and telephone training, and establish a plan with you for maintaining contact during your first couple months.
  4. Most of the information your New Employee Ambassador will review with you can be accessed by visiting the links below

Meet with Supervisor and Other Department Colleagues

You wrap up the day with a meeting with your supervisor discussing your position description, performance expectations, department organizational structure and department specific work rules. You may also meet your department orientation contact who may familiarize you with your workspace, the layout of your department/building, and provide you with specific instructions for using the features of your telephone and some of the office equipment.

Following are links to some documents that may be helpful for the meetings with your supervisor and department orientation contact.

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